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How to Choose Cycling Shoes

If you’re a Spinning® enthusiast, you will want to maximize your results and get a pair of indoor cycling shoes. When first starting out, you probably used your regular athletic shoes and the toe cages on the bike. As you become more experienced, however, we highly recommend you invest in proper shoes to get the best possible ride from your ... Read More »

Spinning® Experience in Netherlands

experience global rides

Since 2002, Spinning® Experience is the largest and most unique Spinning® Global Ride event in Europe with participants from all over the planet! This year’s event had over 450 participants and 4 Master Instructors (Tracy Aldereyaane, Chantal Janssen, Javier Santin and Mark Tickner) and was an incredibly motivating and energizing experience. Mad Dogg Athletics Europe has set a new standard ... Read More »

Pam Blum, Spinning® Master Instructor | Maryland, USA


Pam is a highly accomplished Group Fitness Leader with more than 25 years of background rich in knowledge, experience and a dedication to wellness. Her current passion is primarily teaching yoga, Spinning®, TRX® and Resist-a-Ball® helping to guide clients through classes or sessions that provide opportunities to “explore how truly magnificent and mysterious our bodies really are: physically, mentally, emotionally ... Read More »

Shaun Sullivan, Spinning® Master Instructor | Connecticut, USA


Shaun is a 16 year veteran of the fitness industry. He holds a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Central Connecticut State University, and has served in various roles for corporate fitness programs throughout his professional career. Currently he manages a corporate fitness program under MediFit Corporate Services. He holds various fitness related certifications, including the National ... Read More »