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So Flats are EZ


By Michelle Colvin, International Spinning® Master Instructor-UK So Flats are EZ? Some riders think a flat road is either easy or boring. But if you’re not conditioned for it, cycling on endless flat roads can be monotonous and demoralizing.  We need to learn how to keep our strength and spirits up when the road is long and level and how it ... Read More »

SPINPower®: Know Your Power

power meter

When riders ask, “how many calories can I burn during Spinning® class?” as a Certified SpinPower® Instructor, you’re not guessing anymore. You can give a precise calculation by using watts as an accurate measurement and then put it into simplest terms to create a solid plan for your riders to reach their goals for weight loss, endurance and performance. Read More »

Seasonal Summer Recipes


Seasonal Summer Recipes: Easy to Prep and Delightfully Nutritious With fresh peaches, berries and watermelon in season, try these cool and crunchy recipes for your barbecue or picnic to make the most out of the warm summer days. 1) Summer Salad Serves 2–4 Ingredients: 1 large yellow peach 1 heirloom tomato 1 cup cherries, halved and pitted 2 tablespoons basil, ... Read More »

Spinning® International Team Spotlight


Spinning® rides are happening all over the globe—in the most unlikely places. Each event is bigger than the next, whether the rides are for charity or for building the community, each successful ride demonstrates Spinning as the global leader in indoor cycling. Find out from Andre Struik, Spinning Master Instructor and International Program’s Manager at Mad Dogg Athletics, what makes ... Read More »

The Pursuit of POWER

power training

The Pursuit of POWER By Dr. Kevin Steele, Ph.D. Power means many things to many people, but what is power and why has it become important to cycling? A power meter is one of many tools used to impact performance, fitness and other desired physiological outcomes such as weight loss. Power meters used in road cycling have been around since ... Read More »

Featured Facility: BFX Ride Republic™

bfx ride republic

Ride Republic™ is the ultimate Spinning® experience with authentic rides that capture the “art of Spinning,” awakening each of your senses to indulge in the ultimate emotional experience. The first BFX (Boutique Fitness Experience) Studio is now open in Flatiron NYC. Designed by world-class Spinning International Master Instructor Josh Taylor, this high-level program and studio will deliver the most progressive ... Read More »

From The Studio To The Road … part 2

road to studio

When Spinner® Bikes Meet Road Bikes By Linda Freeman, Star 3 Certified Spinning® Instructor “It’s a fixed rate flywheel,” we tell our new students, “and you can’t coast.” We can do our best to replicate bike fit and riding position, we can practice pedal stroke technique and focus on relaxed upper body, we can monitor heart rate and breathe efficiently, ... Read More »

From The Studio To The Road … part 1

studio to road

How Spinning® Classes Helped to Build a Community By Linda Freeman, Star 3 Certified Spinning® Instructor Spinning® training is cycling training. Time spent on a Spinner® enables students to transfer skills and passions to the outdoors. One autumn, three years ago, one of my regular Spinning® students made an offhand comment that lodged in my thoughts and teased me throughout ... Read More »