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Brooke Hayward, Spinning® Master Instructor | Texas, USA

brooke hayward spinning master instructor 2Spinning® first caught Brooke Hayward’s attention because it was something completely new in the industry—she was excited to be part of a movement that seemed so powerful and exciting! At the time she was teaching several other formats and wanted to expand her own possibilities to become more diverse in both her personal fitness and her career in the industry. A huge fan of using old school music in her classes, Brooke loves the opportunity to challenge so many people to become stronger and fit. She loves the sense of community within the program and the friendships that are made, both in and out of the studio.

Brooke feels that the ability of every individual to go all out or sit back is what makes the Spinning program so special—the challenge is yours for the taking. She loves to ask her riders “how bad do you want it?” then inspire them to go for it. She tells aspiring instructors to only jump in if they have the time and energy to prepare and give of yourself—being an instructor is all about giving back to others.

In addition to her role as a Spinning Master Instructor, Brooke holds professional certifications in Group Fitness from ACE and AFAA, in Personal Training from ACSM, and, from Mad Dogg Athletics, certifications in Bodyblade® and Ugi®.

I was teaching a very focused ride, with lots of hills. A woman in the front row had tears in her eyes the entire time—I kept going over to ask if she was ok, she said she was. At the end of the ride, she explained that her father had just passed, and several of the songs I had played were his favorites. She said she felt his presence in the room, one more time, and that he was singing and enjoying her life with her…they use to ride together.


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