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Protecting Your Vocal Cords when Teaching Spinning® Classes


By Luciana Marcial-Vincion, M.A. Exercise Physiology As Spinning® instructors, we focus on delivering safe, effective and entertaining classes for our riders. We take measures to prevent overtraining and injury, particularly to our muscular system. But we tend to ignore one area of the musculature;  the larynx and vocal folds (our throat’s voice production system). We use and abuse this area ... Read More »

How to Cue Riders for Success


By Caroline Dawson, Spinning® Master Instructor The music is pumping, the lights are dim and the energy is high. Your class is about to finish and your riders are working hard to give it their all. The culmination—the final sprint of class—is just ahead. The group is driven and determined to finish with power and speed. As you are about ... Read More »

Four Benefits of Flexibility


By Chere Lucett To stretch or not to stretch? There is no question. The answer is yes, you should! and here’s why. Flexibility (often called “stretching”) provides innumerable benefits from increasing range of motion, preventing injury, increasing strength (yes, increasing strength – I’ll explain in a moment) to improving performance. Let’s talk about the big four benefits of improving your ... Read More »

Learning the Art of Recovery


By Greg Mantell  Since its creation over 20 years ago, the Spinning® program has based its training programs in the latest health and exercise science. With this latest information, it has developed five Energy Zones™ – Recovery, Endurance, Strength, Interval and Race Day – to help instructors and students develop a periodized training program that suits every individual. While indoor ... Read More »

Creating Cues that Reach Every Rider


By Greg Mantell How do you stay motivated? As fitness professionals, we all have an intrinsic motivation to exercise every day and stay in peak physical condition. And like you, your students have the same built-in desire that keeps them on the track toward achieving their fitness goals. But there are times when we could use a little outside help ... Read More »