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Ride Like a Racer

ride like a racer

Even though the Spinning® program has given me a deep appreciation for the sport of cycling, all my rides are indoors on a Spinner® bike. My reluctance to get out on the asphalt has much to do with a fear of sharing the road with Los Angeles traffic. I know there are other instructors and riders who feel the same ... Read More »

Train Hard…And Smart: Understanding the Five Spinning Energy Zones

Spinning5 Muscle Beach_C9U3537

Now that we’re well into 2016, everyone is motivated to keep their resolutions and get fit. But it’s possible that in all the excitement and dedication to getting fit this year, your riders may be working too hard. To help you recognize the importance of developing an aerobic foundation and balancing aerobic and anaerobic exercise, the Spinning® program divides workout ... Read More »

Tracking Activity and Producing Results

tracking results

By Jennifer Ward, RD, LDN, CLC, CPT It doesn’t take much work to find articles supporting the idea that accumulating 10,000 steps per day is equal to five miles worth of activity. According to those articles, that amount of mileage will put anyone on the path to achieving good health. I’ve participated in plenty of step promotions myself dating back ... Read More »