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Two Myths That Mis-shape Your Mindset (and Your Body)


By Chere Lucett Over coffee the other morning, my friend started telling me about this amazing exercise that “literally melts away fat from your abs.” I almost choked on my Gevalia dark roast and tried my best not to roll my eyes. I’ve been in the fitness industry for 20 years, written countless articles, researched high-level current concept papers and ... Read More »

Why Metabolic Training Matters in Spinning®


By Chere Lucett There’s something to the go-stop-go method of training. In fact there’s a lot to it. Metabolic training is not just myth or commercial fitness hype. Exercise researchers have backed up cardiovascular training with several studies crowning “metabolic training,” in all its forms, superior to the hum-drum get-on-the-bike-or-treadmill and coast kind of cardio. What is metabolic training? Metabolic ... Read More »

Angela Amedio | Spinning® Master Instructor, New York USA

second chances

Angela Amedio’s passion for Spinning® began more than 10 years ago when she took her very first class. During her journey from rider to Master Instructor, Angela turned this powerful program into a fitness career. In 2012, she and her husband opened the Saratoga Cycling Studio, a licensed Spinning® studio in Saratoga Springs, New York. Each year, the studio proudly ... Read More »

Recovery and Active Rest

The Importance of Rest and Recovery

Submitted by Linda Freeman Whether you take Spinning® classes, go mountain biking, road cycling, or even riding cross-country, you must include rest and recovery in your training plans if you want to experience the full benefits of your efforts. It is during times of recovery that fitness and performance gains are realized. Recovery and rest cover a broader aspect of ... Read More »

10 Ways to Speed Recovery


By Lynda Wallenfels, Ultrafit Certified Coach Spring is the time of year when many athletes ramp up their training in order to prepare for races and events. However, as workouts get longer and harder, many of us forget the role that recovery can play in achieving our goals. Everyone needs rest, but for athletes, it’s a crucial element of a ... Read More »

6 Tips for Overcoming Burnout

Overcoming-Burnout Tips

By Elizabeth Saunders  You have a few new participants in your Spinning® class, and after two months later, they haven‘t missed a class. Another month passes and their attendance is sporadic. Eventually they stop coming to class altogether. Sound familiar? These individuals have most likely put working out at the bottom of their priority list. Why? Burnout has set in. ... Read More »