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Spinning® for Optimal Function

optimal function

Spinning® workouts can be a useful tool for individuals seeking to improve mobility and overall fitness. And with more people spending long periods of time behind a desk or sitting in a car, engaging in physical activities such a Spinning can make a world of difference in enhancing overall function. The activity involves the utilization of the foot/ankle, knee and ... Read More »

Self-Transcendence: Is It the New Training Frontier?


By Colleen K. Broersma, BS, CPT, Spinning® Master Instructor Can reflecting once a day keep the doctor away and improve performance as well? Mind body techniques to enhance physical performance are one of the fundamental components of the Spinning® program. Traditional approaches utilize performance enhancing techniques like: affirmation (self-talk), visualization and relaxation. While they have proven useful in improving performance, ... Read More »

Take the Guesswork Out Of Intensity

vo2 intensity

By Linda Freeman, Star3 Certified Spinning® Instructor Unarguably, training within specific zones of intensity provides the tools and measurements with which to structure and interpret effort and result. Spinning® students, cyclists, marathoners, triathletes, paddlers, cross-country skiers, in fact, all athletes know the value of assessing their heart rates and power wattage when it comes to developing training programs and documenting ... Read More »

Why You Should Only Buy Spinner® Commercial Bikes

The Spinning® name is synonymous with excellence in the fitness community. We proudly sell the finest commercial Spinner® bikes on the market, our training methods are highly successful, and we are always helping fitness enthusiasts to pursue careers as instructors all over the globe. This exciting movement is something that people of all backgrounds can enjoy—and it’s only getting more ... Read More »

Who Do You Want to Be in 2015?

bike fit and new fitness

By Maggie Winzeler As you power up your workouts and spend more time in the gym, consider the following advice for how to best plan and approach your 2015 goals. These tips will help you exercise past January and will ensure you don’t become “that person” at the gym. Runners often follow a “10% Rule” when increasing their mileage. This ... Read More »

Bike Fit For The Road And Studio

bike Fit road and studio

By Linda Freeman, Star 3 Certified Spinning® Instructor Bike Setup. It’s at the beginning of the Spinning® Instructor’s Manual. It is the first thing we address with new students. It is important and should be revisited regularly. Bike Setup is painted with a broad brush. For most Spinner® bikes it’s a three-step deal, easy enough for all students to manage with just ... Read More »

Better Memory through Exercise

Exercise memory

Consistent cardiovascular exercise not only strengthens your heart, lungs and skeletal muscles, but it also boosts your brain power, increasing grey matter and improving cognition. Here are some of the mental benefits of exercise. Learn New Things Does your New Year’s resolution involve learning a new skill? You might want to add a daily dose of exercise to the list. ... Read More »

Gear for a Cure: Spinning® for Breast Cancer Awareness


Special thanks to the Spinning® community for all your participation, “Gear for a Cure” packages helped Spinning contribute to A Vision of Health, a non-profit organization that offers a comprehensive breast cancer prevention program along with screening services. About 1 in 8 (12.3%) women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. One of our beloved Spinning Master Instructors, ... Read More »

Best Commercial Spin Bikes for Large Classes

If you’re a gym or facility owner, you know that indoor cycling offers some of the most well-rounded and effective health benefits of any fitness activity. The simple fact is that people love the ride! The feeling of camaraderie and exhilaration when virtually riding with your friends and peers is why our commercial line of Spinner® bikes have become so ... Read More »