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How to Breathe During an Indoor Cycling Workout


No one has to tell you to breathe—you just do it, right? Breathing is an involuntary physiological process, which serves us well when we’re asleep or concentrating intently on something else. But, breathing can also be voluntary, and when it comes to exercise, it should be. Here’s why—when we breathe without really thinking about it, our breaths are typically shallow, ... Read More »

Do You Really Need a Disco Ball? Evaluating the Effectiveness of Experiential Exercise


With a growing number of health clubs and independent studios in the United States, fitness instructors face increased competition to attracting and retaining the over 20 million participants engaged in group exercise classes. In response, many fitness professionals have capitalized on the concept of “experiential exercise,” which, according to an article published in IDEA Fitness Journal, elevates a basic fitness ... Read More »

Contraindications in the Spinning® Program

Contraindications feature

By Sarah Ness, Certified Spinning® Instructor I am very lucky to have the benefit of riding with great groups and have worked hard to provide them safe and effective workouts. Having a very full schedule of my own, I don’t often get the chance to attend other classes as a participant. I like to believe that all instructors are teaching ... Read More »

How to Motivate Your Riders Without Music


By Jennifer Tipton, Certified Spinning® Instructor | California, United States Music is a motivating factor. It is incredibly rewarding when a student compliments our music selection after class because, for many participants, the music really drives the energy of a great Spinning® class. As seasoned instructors, we are committed to creating great playlists and keeping our classes alive and fresh. We spend ... Read More »

How to Create Killer Cues in Your Spinning® Classes


By Luciana Marcial-Vincion, Spinning® Master Instructor and Team Manager for the Global Spinning Master Instructor Team | South Carolina, United States Take the quiz now for 1 SPIN® CEC Go! Push it! Feel it! You can do it! C’mon! Whoohooo! Sound familiar? If you’ve ever struggled with trying to find cues that have more impact and depth for your Spinning® classes, ... Read More »

The REAL Truth on Whether Indoor Cycling Bulks Up Your Legs

MI Legs4

By Shannan Lynch, PhD, CSCS, HFS, CISSN | Director of Education, Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. The media has given quite a bit of attention lately to claims made by celebrity trainer Tracey Anderson that “spinning” makes you gain weight and/or bulks your thighs.  We’d like to set the record straight on two important issues.  Firstly, Spinning® is a brand and ... Read More »

So Flats are EZ


By Michelle Colvin, International Spinning® Master Instructor-UK So Flats are EZ? Some riders think a flat road is either easy or boring. But if you’re not conditioned for it, cycling on endless flat roads can be monotonous and demoralizing.  We need to learn how to keep our strength and spirits up when the road is long and level and how it ... Read More »