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Combining Training and Trust in a Spinning® Program


By Dr. K.C. Wilder Performance in a Spinning® class is about combining training and trust to achieve your goals. Your riders should feel as challenged physically as they are engaged emotionally and mentally in the class experience. As a result, I have developed a unique way to teach a Spinning class called “Train-to-Trust.” I differentiate between a “training mindset” and a “trusting ... Read More »

Weight Training for Muscular Endurance

Weight Training For Muscular Endurance

In recent years, muscle endurance training has suffered the same criticisms as steady-state cardio exercise in the mainstream press. With the mantra “go big or go home” ringing in our ears every time we hit the gym, we’ve bought into the idea that light weights, like light cardio, is a waste of time. In so doing, we’ve lost many of ... Read More »

Signature Series | The Benefits of Including Bodyblade® with Spinning®


By Scott Lucett Most riders attend Spinning® classes to reap the benefits that come from participating in a cardio class. These benefits include (but are not limited to) improved cardiorespiratory endurance, changes in body composition, and engagement with other class participants. Although there are a number of positive benefits that come from Spinning classes, there are still some elements that ... Read More »

Fat Adaptation Strategies and Endurance Exercise


For years, athletes have been told to load up on carbs before events and guzzle energy beverages or glucose gel to fuel performance. But what if endurance wasn’t predominantly dependent on muscle-glycogen utilization? What if your body could engage in prolonged exercise by utilizing more fat for energy? It turns out that it can! However, like most performance-improving measures, it ... Read More »

Tips for Planning a Spinning® Event


By Christina Castañeda Spinning® classes are great for creating events and raising awareness. Whether you are raising money for charity or supporting your business, having a huge space with bikes, music and passionate riders is certain to draw attention. Spinning is great for anyone, so invite everyone to join in! With the right music, motivational cues and profile, your event ... Read More »