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Tips for Planning a Spinning® Event


By Christina Castañeda Spinning® classes are great for creating events and raising awareness. Whether you are raising money for charity or supporting your business, having a huge space with bikes, music and passionate riders is certain to draw attention. Spinning is great for anyone, so invite everyone to join in! With the right music, motivational cues and profile, your event ... Read More »

4 Tips to Help You Ace the Audition


By Karyl Sands No matter how long you have been teaching, every audition is different. Each Group Fitness manager looks for something unique when auditioning you for a position, so here are some tips to help you put your best teaching skill in the spotlight: Go to the Specific Classes that you are Auditioning for at the Facility Unless you ... Read More »

3 Habits of a Prepared Spinning® Instructor


By Sabrina Fairchild, MA Great Spinning® instructors have a variety of qualities and habits that encompass the Spinning philosophy. The traditional philosophy has been to provide a safe, non-competitive experience with a well-planned profile connected to authentic music that allows all levels of participants to experience being champions. Instructors who remain true to these ideals stand out among the others ... Read More »

Spinning® Class Benefits for Weight Lifters


Cross-training is a valuable tool for all athletes, especially those who engage exclusively in resistance training like weight lifting. Weight lifting produces a myriad of adaptations, including muscular hypertrophy and strength. However, traditional resistance training programs may not be as effective in developing aerobic fitness (1). For this reason, a deliberate cross-training protocol should be chosen, and Spinning® should be ... Read More »

4 Favorite (and Hidden) Green Eats


It’s finally spring with fresh and local produce in abundance. At Spinning®, we are celebrating green recipes, as well as the most underrated and hidden green foods that pack a ton of perks for your health. Green (Avocado) Mayonnaise While the mayonnaise itself is not green, it is made with avocado oil. This product uses cage free eggs and is ... Read More »