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Pack the Suitcase of Courage


By Kate Amos Sweat pouring from his brow, a lone rider grimaces as he stares down at the handlebars, each pedal stroke carrying him closer to victory ahead of the chasing pack. In the sport of cycling, riders generally have very little chance of carrying a long solo ride all the way to victory, and yet nearly every race sees ... Read More »

Demystifying Threshold Training

Demystifying-Threshold-Training 660x330

Remember the last time that you took a Spinning® class in the Interval, Race Day or Strength Energy Zones™. Those high-intensity, short duration bouts of activity—ranging between 10 seconds to several minutes—instigate the accumulation of blood lactate (notice I didn’t say lactic acid) within the muscles, causing acute soreness and “burn.” Lactate threshold (LT), expressed as a percent of your ... Read More »

3 Ways to Gain Power With the Spinning® Program


By Doug Katona Become a stronger cyclist in an un-traditional way. As an alternative to training outdoors or doing more long, slow duration (LSD) indoor cycling training, look no further than the Spinning® program. A unique element to the program is through power enhancement, and more power equals more calories burned. The result? A leaner body, a stronger engine (lungs, ... Read More »