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Q&A with Spinning® Master Instructor Oana Terteleac | Romania


Oana Terteleac is growing the Spinning® program in Bucharest with power and heart! Oana joined the Spinning Master Instructor team in July of 2014, and her classes have become so popular that she has been featured twice on the local news in three months. Specializing in delivering power-based training, she is leading “the new dimension” in Spinning throughout the Baltic ... Read More »

Spinning® Sneak Peek for March 2015


This March, Spinning® celebrates all things green. Join our Community and celebrate all things new, blossoming and lucky as we welcome spring! Advance Your Knowledge: Training Tips for “Green” Instructors and Riders Are you a new instructor still trying to master the art of cueing and coaching riders? Or maybe you’re a seasoned instructor and want more training tips. All ... Read More »

Rhonda Hall, Certified Spinning® Instructor and Go Red for Women® National Spokeswoman


By Christina Castañeda Being a single mother and teacher requires a warm and strong heart, but what happens when your biological heart is in jeopardy? The 2015 Go Red for Women® National Spokesperson, Rhonda Hall, faced that challenge a few years ago. Now, her heart is stronger than ever, and the emotional strength and support she gives is not only ... Read More »

Q&A with Spinning® Master Instructor Peter Yeoman


For Spinning® instructors, there lies a responsibility to raise awareness for health and wellness. But what about awareness for human rights? For some, the bicycle is a symbol of personal strength, but for victims of poverty and exploitation, the bicycle carries a whole new meaning. Spinning Master Instructor Peter Yeoman of New Zealand describes his personal journey as a Master Instructor, ... Read More »

Tip Tuesday | John Cargill

Tip Tuesday Banner

On Tip Tuesday we bring you a little insight, motivation, or recommendation to help you through your week. Check out this Tuesday’s tip given by Certified Spinning® Master Instructor, John Cargill:   Join the Master Instructor Team this year as they come together for Miami Fuego Team Ride at the WSSC Conference. Join us as we ride as one!   Read More »

Integrated Circuit Intervals for Heart Health, Fat Reduction, and Fun


By Scott Lucett For many, it is generally assumed that to reduce body fat, you should perform aerobic exercise at a low-to-moderate intensity for long periods of time. This theory is commonly known as the “fat burning zone”, which advocates exercising for longer periods of time at a low intensity. The only problem is that, although this approach does burn ... Read More »

Tip Tuesday | Holly Gebel

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On Tip Tuesday, we bring you a little insight, motivation, or recommendation to help you through your week. Check out this Tuesday’s tip given by Spinning® Master Instructor, Holly Gebel: Find out more about the dangers of contraindicated movements and learn simple cues for your riders. Read More »

Getting Started: How to Beat Excuses

how to beat excuses

When it comes to attracting new members, understanding why people don’t exercise is just as important as understanding why they do. Identifying and addressing the barriers that keep potential members from taking up an exercise program is critical. Odds are that you’ve heard most of these excuses before, but the Spinning® program’s unique attributes address and tackle them all. I ... Read More »