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Off the Rails!


By: Luciana Marcial-Vincion, M.A. Take the Quiz > Have you ever wondered why the same Spinner® bike setting on two different bikes of the same model can feel so different? Imagine this scenario: a student rides a bike located in the front of the class with their correct bike setting and everything feels great. The next day, they choose a ... Read More »

Riding with Heart: Spinning Nation® Miami


On June 5th, a tribe of dedicated and passionate riders took time out of their busy schedules at the WSSC Conference to join Spinning Nation® Miami. This epic four-hour marathon ride raised money to support American Heart Association in the fight against heart disease.   How did they ride for four hours? In each of the four hours, a different MI ... Read More »

2016 Beach 24h Spinning® Tour | São Martinho do Porto, Portugal

BEACH 24H 2015 175

August 5-6th, 2016 | São Martinho do Porto, Portugal Be part of an unforgettable experience! For more than 10 years, Beach 24h Spinning® Tour has inspired riders with a marathon fitness event on beautiful beaches of Portugal. Hosted by Spinning® Master Instructor Dino Pedras of Dino’s Health and Fitness, this event is truly one for the ages. Over two thousand riders ... Read More »

Cueing Riders for Success


By Caroline Dawson, Spinning® Master Instructor Take the Quiz > The music is pumping, the lights are dim and the energy is high. Your class is about to finish and your riders are working hard to give it their all. The culmination—the final sprint of class—is just ahead. And the group is driven and determined to finish with power and ... Read More »

Cori Parks, Spinning® Master Instructor | Philippines

A self-proclaimed global nomad, Cori Parks is originally from San Diego, California, where she first developed her cycling legs and a curiosity for distance riding along the Pacific coast. Her deep appreciation of cross-cultural communication led her to study American Sign Language Interpreting at Brock University in Ontario, Canada. There, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Teaching English as a Second ... Read More »

The Importance of Stretching Your Class


Take the Quiz > Scott Lucett, MS Director of Education – Mad Dogg Athletics More than ever, today’s Spinning® participants (and gym-goers in general) require professional help when it comes to flexibility. Thanks to desk jobs, increased work hours, longer commutes, and advancements in technology, many individuals are relatively inactive the other 23 hours outside of the gym. Fewer physical ... Read More »

Join us for Spinning® Nation Miami


Make a difference in Miami! On Saturday, June 4, 2016, Spinning®, the creator and leader in indoor cycling, will be hosting Spinning Nation® Miami benefitting the American Heart Association®. Riders will join together for an epic four-hour ride in the fight against heart disease and stroke. One hundred percent of donations will benefit the American Heart Association. The ride will ... Read More »

Making Magic with Music


Take the Quiz > Like all art, music evokes emotion. It makes you feel happy, sad, energetic or even angry. Music can whisk you back to the past, unleashing memories and feelings of special moments. In Spinning® classes, music plays a crucial role by motivating your students, helping them work through challenging rides and keeping them coming back for more. ... Read More »

Introducing the Spinner® Rally

Meet the Spinner® Rally, the latest and best commercial Spinner bike created by Spinning®. This state-of-the-art indoor cycling bike manufactured by Precor® is the most durable and best-looking bike on the market today. Start your journey toward an even better, fitter you with the best indoor cycling bike in the world — the Spinner Rally. We sweat over every detail ... Read More »