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18 “Lessons” from the 2015 DCAC Conference


By Marci Williams, Spinning® Master Instructor | Utah, USA This year’s DCAC conference in Reston, Virginia was an energizing weekend for all attendees. As a SPINpower® presenter, I had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of instructors, some new, some experienced, some young, and some wise. There were many attendees with extensive knowledge and many who were new ... Read More »

The Grossglockner Challenge | Austria


By Christina Castañeda When Spinning® and SPINPower® Master Instructor Polona Gosar Rankovic wanted to demonstrate the value that power-based training to her riders, she decided to do it by moving mountains. Literally. This past June, she challenged her riders at her facility, FITCITY in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with an epic SPINPower challenge; to climb the Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria. ... Read More »

RIDEGYPT: The Cairo Spinning® Marathon


Presented by GinaGrantFitness Saturday October 3rd, 2015 is RIDEGYPT: The Cairo Spinning® Marathon, starting early afternoon and riding into the sunset under the beautiful Egyptian sky, at the Egyptian Rowing Club, Giza, elevated on the upper deck of the club, overlooking the Nile and riding from the afternoon into the sunset. In an effort to increase the awareness of Spinning ... Read More »

Spinning® Marathon SOČA Open Air | Slovenia


With its stunning blue color, the Soča River is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world.  Flowing through Slovenia and Italy, it is home to the world’s premiere kayak competitions and adrenaline junkies who can bungee jump off its many bridges. For Irena Jevscek Zdravo Gibanje, a newly Certified Spinning Instructor at the time, the river bank was a ... Read More »

Beach 24h Spinning® Tour | São Martinho do Porto, Portugal


August 7-8th, 2015 | São Martinho do Porto, Portugal Supported by Dino’s Health and Fitness, Spinning® Master Instructor Dino Pedras annually hosts the Beach 24h Spinning Tour. A two day event with over two thousand participants features surprises for each ride consistently throughout the event. No matter which ride you register for, you are in for a treat with scenic beach ... Read More »

IRONMAN® 70.3 | Italy


At this year’s IRONMAN® 70.3 in Pescara, Italy, “the affection of 2,000 athletes and over 25,000 spectators” greeted the winners Paul Reitmayr in the men’s race and Vanessa Raw in women’s race,  affirmed Annamaria de Corato, a representative from IRONMAN®. The competition took place in scorching temperatures, testing even the toughest competitors as they battled the heat, terrain and incredible ... Read More »

2015 WSSC Conference Recap

WSSC Conference

The 2015 World Spinning® and Sports Conditioning (WSSC) Conference in Miami was bigger than ever! There is no other event that allows you to build your fitness resume by attending more than 200 mind-blowing, heart-pumping sessions. The WSSC Conference continues to serve the needs of fitness and health professionals around the world by providing the hottest fitness event with top ... Read More »

2015 WSSC Conference | Miami, FL, USA


We Came. We Rode. We Conquered. Enjoy our gallery with highlights from the 2015 WSSC Conference: More videos and articles coming soon! Watch highlights from the epic rides found only at the WSSC Conference, meet our Warriors, and learn how Spinning® has carried them to victory!   See even more images of the conference on the Spinning® Facebook page >> Read More »

Tour de Pier 2015 | Manhattan Beach, CA USA


By Christina Castañeda About Tour de Pier How can you fight cancer and still have fun? In Manhattan Beach, CA, the Tour de Pier is an annual event that benefits three different cancer research organizations: the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, the Uncle Kory Foundation for Brain Cancer and the Cancer Support Community of Redondo Beach. The event showcases ... Read More »