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The Cyclists’ Glossary Part Two


By Kate Amos After posting the Cyclists’ Glossary last June, we here at Spinning® wanted to share a few more terms for you to recognize on the road or in your Spinning classes. Burn a Match (verb): To put in a hard effort. Every rider has a limited amount of all-out efforts they can complete, and choosing to spend that ... Read More »

Spinning® September Sneak Peek


Before summer officially turns to fall, there’s still time for you to sneak in a few more outdoor rides and prepare for your riders as they come back from their vacations and outdoor adventures. This September, we here at Spinning® want to prepare you for going back to class too! Successful Coaches Wooden. Walsh. Lombardi. Be inspired by some of ... Read More »

Get Ready to Work with the Baby Boomers


By Lisa Dougherty There are 100 million baby boomers (people over the age of 50) in the United States, making up about 30% of our population and three-fourths of America’s wealth[i]. They are expected to live longer than any previous generation, and as a result, they will be seeking help for their aging bodies. Because this is the generation of consumption ... Read More »

4 Ways to Prepare for Outdoor Riding


By Kate Amos With few distractions and a motivating group atmosphere, Spinning® is an amazing way to keep both your mind and body healthy. With its roots in the outdoor cycling world, Spinning is also a great way to transition from a flywheel to two wheels. Indoor and outdoor cycling complement one another perfectly, and participating in both can help ... Read More »

Spinning® Sneak Peek August 2015


Have any adventures planned this summer? This month, we here at Spinning® want to help you prepare for the ultimate adventure that you can cross off your bucket list! Advance Your Knowledge What’s the ride of your dreams? Learn more about riding different terrain, and how your Spinning class can help you conquer it. The F Words This month, we’ll ... Read More »

Spinning® Joins the Medical Fitness Network!


You’re in the fitness business because you made a commitment to help people live a fit lifestyle and lead them to wellness. But have you considered joining the healthcare industry? No, you won’t need to put on scrubs or sift through endless red tape or insurance paperwork. But you can find clients in need of help with chronic conditions like ... Read More »

Growing the Spinning® Program with the help of Cardiologists | Romania

Earlier this year, we brought you Oana Terteleac’s success with her Spinning® studio in Romania and debuted her video of her with the local news. Now, Romania’s first Spinning superstar is in the local news again for her work with cardiologists as they implement Spinning into a recovery and prevention plan for heart disease. With the help of cardiologist Dr. ... Read More »