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Power Fueled Favorite Foods from Spinning® Master Instructors


Meet our Spinning® Master Instructor team as they share their favorite meals that power their training and how they fit in their favorite treats into their diets. Breakfasts Jodi Mair, Jamaica Power Breakfast: a fruit smoothie (blueberry/banana is my favorite) made with almond milk, flax seed, protein powder and a splash of oats. Weekend breakfast: eggs and bacon or our ... Read More »

Make Your Holiday Down Time Count

holiday down time

By Kate Amos With in-laws visiting and big meals to be prepared, the holidays can be a hectic time full of stress. But they also offer some time off from work and the opportunity to reflect on what we truly value in life. This year, give yourself a break from the worry and stress that sometimes accompany the holiday season ... Read More »

What to Avoid Before a Ride: Bike Maintenance


By Kate Amos Part one of this series explored some tips for getting the most out of your pre-workout routine to ensure that your body is working at full capacity. While it’s true that “it’s not about the bike,” keeping your bike in good working order goes a long way towards ensuring happy, stress-free rides. Avoid the Pinch The first mistake ... Read More »

What to Avoid Before a Ride


By Kate Amos Anyone who exercises regularly has likely developed a pre-workout routine. These habits can be a great way to mentally and physically transition into a workout, but sometimes what you don’t do can be just as important. Below are some tips about what to avoid before you jump on the bike, so that you can be sure you’re ... Read More »

The Spinning® Holiday Gift Guide


The holidays are here, which begs the question, “What gifts do I get my loved ones, or even myself?” Luckily, Spinning® has your fitness needs and cravings covered with our Gift of Spinning sale. Whether you are a Spinning instructor, rider or studio owner – we have the best deals for you to ring in the New Year in style ... Read More »

Giving the Gift of Fitness


By Kate Amos When you were younger, nothing said disappointment like opening up a present on Christmas morning, only to find a new pair of socks inside. But as we grow older, our priorities change, and a new pair of socks might be just what we want this holiday season. Fancy new gadgets featuring the latest technology might seem like ... Read More »

The Boom in Boutique Fitness


By Kate Amos Smaller spaces, less equipment, fewer patrons—when it comes to boutique fitness studios, sometimes less is more. These clubs generally specialize in just one or two activities, offering highly-trained instructors, sport-specific equipment and a dedicated clientele. There are boutique studios that specialize in nearly every fitness activity you’ve ever heard of—even some you haven’t! Whether you’re into yoga, ... Read More »

Saudi Arabia’s First Female Fitness Apparel Line


By Christina Castañeda What can a beautiful new workout outfit do for you? For Fatima Batook, founder of TIMA Sport Apparel, workout clothing opened up a new chapter of inspiration for women in Saudi Arabia as they realized a Saudi woman can break barriers and create healthy lifestyles. With TIMA, these women were inspired to be creative, to be fit, ... Read More »