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Love Your Ride

Spinner® Edge Bike


Staying in shape is all about keeping motivated. If you want to maintain a healthy level of motivation, you need to incorporate the kinds of workouts that not only challenge you, but provide you with an enjoyable fitness experience. That’s where the Spinner® Edge comes in. Using this revolutionary exercise bike, you can lose weight, strengthen your body and build ... Read More »

Spinner® NXT


The Spinner® NXT features sleek steel construction that is zinc dipped and defies rust that accretes on other exercise bikes as a result of sweat and humid exercise environments. But the Spinner NXT offers more than just great looks—it also delivers amazing performance. Spinner® NXT Bike Highlights With the iconic angles of its strong steel frame, the Spinner NXT is sleek ... Read More »

eSpinner® Bike


The excitement and athleticism of the Spinning® program has reached nearly every corner of the globe, and now it’s available in your living room. We’re not just talking about the revolutionary line of Spinner® bikes already available for purchase; we’re talking about having a Master Instructor at your fingertips to guide you through a million (yes, a million!) customizable rides ... Read More »

Spinning® Indoor Cycling: A Legacy of Passion, Heart and Soul

Passion, Heart and Soul. We believe Spinning® is so much more than just an incredible workout. We know that Spinning is something that is very powerful in your lives. We’re honored to be part of your stories, and thrilled to share them with the world. Authentic The legacy of the Spinning program spans over two decades of empowering studios and instructors around the world ... Read More »

Five Ways to Make Your Riders Fall in Love with You

5 reasons Wp

By Barbara Hoots, Star 3 Instructor and Spinning® Studio Designer Have you ever met someone and liked them instantly? You can’t explain why, but you immediately felt an emotional bond, a genuine and wholesome feeling of fondness and respect towards this person. In a job interview, you are more likely to be hired if the interviewer connects with you as ... Read More »