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Beginner’s Guide to the Tour de France


By Kate Amos In French it’s called “La Grande Boucle,” in English, “The Big Show,” and the Tour de France definitely lives up to its nicknames. Ninety-nine of the world’s top professional riders take to a sinuous and hilly route through France, cheered on by over 12 million fans along the road and 3.5 billion more following along at home. ... Read More »

The Cyclists’ Glossary


By Kate Amos From “mashing” and “hammering” to “bonking” in the “pain cave”, it seems that cycling has a language all its own. Here at Spinning®, we want to give you definitions of some of our favorite terms so that you’ll be speaking like a full-fledged bike expert in no time! Blow up (verb): Blowing up in a Spinning class ... Read More »

Spinner® Sprint Bike

Spinning®, the creators of the indoor cycling category help you take control of your personal fitness with the Spinner® Sprint. The Spinner Sprint is the perfect marriage of portability and durability. It features soft rubber front wheels so you can move it with ease as well as a signature weighted flywheel, patented handle bar design, and smallest pedal-to-pedal measurement or ... Read More »

Spinner® FIT Bike

Spinner Fit

The Spinner® FIT Bike is the at-home stationary bike that will get you to your fitness goals. Just like in the gyms, this Spinner® bike features a signature weighted flywheel, patented handlebar design, easy-to-use resistance knob and an adjustable seat and handlebar for the comfort, portability and versatility you need to make it your ride. The Spinner FIT also contains a ... Read More »

Spinner® Edge Bike


Staying in shape is all about keeping motivated. If you want to maintain a healthy level of motivation, you need to incorporate the kinds of workouts that not only challenge you, but provide you with an enjoyable fitness experience. That’s where the Spinner® Edge comes in. Using this revolutionary exercise bike, you can lose weight, strengthen your body and build ... Read More »

Spinner® NXT


The Spinner® NXT features sleek steel construction that is zinc dipped and defies rust that accretes on other exercise bikes as a result of sweat and humid exercise environments. But the Spinner NXT offers more than just great looks—it also delivers amazing performance. Spinner® NXT Bike Highlights With the iconic angles of its strong steel frame, the Spinner NXT is sleek ... Read More »