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Q & A with Spinning® Master Instructor, Jennifer Ward | Massachusetts, USA


What is your favorite pre and/or post-workout meal? My favorite pre-workout meal is oatmeal/almond/plain yogurt and dark sweet cherries or bananas. My favorite post-workout meal is my homemade black bean burritos with sweet potato, spinach, carrots and red onion. I packed a bunch of them when I did the 200-mile relay across the state of Massachusetts to raise money for ... Read More »

Bruno Lima, Spinning® Master Instructor | Brazil


Bruno Lima holds a degree in Physical Education from Rio de Janeiro University and has completed post-graduate work in Training Methods and Physiotherapy. He joined the Spinning® Master Instructor Team in 2014 and is also the Education Representative for the Spinning Program in Brasil. He has worked for more than 15 years as a personal trainer, speaker and consultant for ... Read More »

Q&A with Certified Spinning® Instructor, Fatima Batook | Saudi Arabia


Certified Spinning® Instructor, Fatima Batook shares the importance of a “mental warm up” and how to mentally wind down after a tough workout. Find out more about one of the most successful Spinning instructors growing the program in the Middle East. What is your favorite pre- or post-workout meal? Favorite pre-workout meal would be to load up on carbohydrates for a ... Read More »

Fill in the Blanks with Spinning® Master Instructor Angie Sturtevant | Wisconsin, USA


Angie Sturtevant leads the SPINPower® Program with her innovative approach to power-based training. But here at Spinning® we want to show off her adventurous side that inspires her training with our fill in the blank questions. Favorite time of day to teach is in the morning, I’m an EARLY morning person. I became involved with the Spinning program when my first experience as a ... Read More »

Q&A with Spinning® Master Instructor, Polona Gosar Rankovic | Slovenia


Spinning® Master Instructor, Polona Gosar Rankovic is the mastermind behind the The Grossglockner Challenge, a SPINPower® Master Instructor and you can see her in Spinning Global Rides and Events throughout Europe. Find out more about Polona, her training and why she is one of the most influential master instructors in Eastern Europe. What is your favorite pre and/or post-workout meal? Before ... Read More »