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Kimberly Corr, Spinning® Master Instructor | Wisconsin, USA

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Prior to becoming a certified Spinning® Instructor, Kimberly Corr worked in corporate training for a large national healthcare company. She has a degree in Speech Communications from Miami University, and was a Narrator at Sea World for five years, speaking to tens of thousands of park guests daily. She was also the Communications Director at a radio station and even hosted my own talk show. ... Read More »

Luciana Marcial-Vincion, Spinning® Master Instructor| South Carolina, USA

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Luciana Marcial-Vincion’s journey that led to her eventual certification as a Master Instructor began the first time she had any exposure to Spinning® at all back in 2000.  That’s because the first time she was ever on a bike, it was the exact day she began her Instructor Training. We found out how this happened and it’s kind of serendipitous ... Read More »

Elsa Storm, Spinning® Master Instructor | South Africa


A Master Instructor for the Spinning® program and certified personal trainer, Elsa Storm is the founder of the Aquatic Association of South Africa. In 1997-1998 she was the recipient of the International Instructor of the Year award for the Aquatic Conference held in Anaheim, CA. In her country, she is also a radio and television personality and a published author ... Read More »

Tony Salazar, Spinning® Master Instructor | Venezuela

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Tony Salazar has been one of the most prominent commercial photographers for the past 25 years in Caracas, Venezuela, and has successfully balanced this with his passion for sports, specifically distance running. Tony has been a long distance runner for over 25 years, both on the road and on the track, specializing in 5K and 10K. He shares his sporting ... Read More »

Pam Blum, Spinning® Master Instructor | Maryland, USA

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Pam is a highly accomplished Group Fitness Leader with more than 25 years of background rich in knowledge, experience and a dedication to wellness. Her current passion is primarily teaching yoga, Spinning®, TRX® and Resist-a-Ball® helping to guide clients through classes or sessions that provide opportunities to “explore how truly magnificent and mysterious our bodies really are: physically, mentally, emotionally ... Read More »

Shaun Sullivan, Spinning® Master Instructor | Connecticut, USA

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Shaun is a 16 year veteran of the fitness industry. He holds a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Central Connecticut State University, and has served in various roles for corporate fitness programs throughout his professional career. Currently he manages a corporate fitness program under MediFit Corporate Services. He holds various fitness related certifications, including the National ... Read More »

Caroline Dawson, Spinning® Master Instructor | Massachusetts, USA

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With passion for Spinning® and a background in group exercise and personal training, Caroline Dawson loves every minute she spends teaching on the bike—especially the opportunity to rise to new challenges. Caroline has always loved the Spinning philosophy, and strongly believes in the importance of continuing education. She became a Master Instructor out of a sheer love and passion for ... Read More »