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Featured Facility: BFX Ride Republic™

Featured Facility: BFX Ride Republic™

Ride Republic™ is the ultimate Spinning® experience with authentic rides that capture the “art of Spinning,” awakening each of your senses to indulge in the ultimate emotional experience.

The first BFX (Boutique Fitness Experience) Studio is now open in Flatiron NYC. Designed by world-class Spinning International Master Instructor, Josh Taylor, this high-level program and studio will deliver the most progressive and innovative rides possible. Lose yourself in the Ride Republic experience as it’s delivered through a total immersion of the mind and body, in an ultra high-energy Spinning class. The rides are composed of specific cutting-edge training protocols that have a deep emotional and motivational component through the use of highly focused music and visual content in the BFX luxury studio environment, featuring 50 custom made Spinner® Blade  Ion™ bikes. It is this exceptional combination of highly skilled and certified instructors that give “the people” the honesty they need to grow and reach their goals with accuracy, performance and excitement as they receive a truly inspiring and unique Spinning experience at the highest levels time and time again.

You want to be part of the very best… Ride Republic is it… enough said!

BFX would like to invite you for a free Ride Republic™ class! Visit bfxstudio.com to view our class schedule and email us at events@bfxstudio.com to reserve your spot.

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