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How to Maintain Your Cycling Performance as The Summer Sun Fades Away


Long summer days that include scenic bike rides and additional hours of sunlight are something even the most casual cyclist can appreciate. However, as summer comes to a close and the days get shorter, it’s time for those of you outdoor cycling enthusiasts to make a few adjustments and head indoors for your cycling fix. Considering the Spinning program was built ... Read More »

Spinning® Class Benefits for Weight Lifters


Cross-training is a valuable tool for all athletes, especially those who engage exclusively in resistance training like weight lifting. Weight lifting produces a myriad of adaptations, including muscular hypertrophy and strength. However, traditional resistance training programs may not be as effective in developing aerobic fitness (1). For this reason, a deliberate cross-training protocol should be chosen, and Spinning® should be ... Read More »

The Best Workouts for Weight Loss After Pregnancy


The best workout for weight loss begins during pregnancy with regular resistance training and gentle endurance exercise, both of which increase strength and stamina during labor and delivery and greatly improve your recovery time and ability to shed pregnancy pounds. However, if you shied away from exercise during pregnancy, you likely experienced decreased cardiovascular fitness and muscle atrophy, particularly in ... Read More »

Lorey Pro, Spinning® Master Instructor | Arizona, USA


Lorey Pro’s last name reflects her ambition and drive as not only a Master Instructor, but as an individual who wants to share the “empowerment of accomplishment.” It makes one think twice about predestination. From St. Gabriel, LA, Lorey started off as an athlete, but these days in a role-reversal, she’s the one now making athletes. Lorey’s goal-oriented mindset has ... Read More »

Get Started, Get Comfortable in Spinning® Class: No Ifs, Ands or Buts

Just Getting Started With the Spinning Program

By Linda Freeman, STAR 3 Certified Spinning® Instructor | Vermont New to Spinning® classes? Here are a few recommendations to help new riders overcome those initial discomforts that they may experience riding in their first indoor cycling class. Talk to a Certified Spinning® Instructor: We’ve Been There! We were all new riders at some point. We, the Spinning Instructors, have “been ... Read More »

Base Training: The Right Start for Cycling Success

Build a Solid Aerobic Base Before You Increase the Intensity of Your Training

By Polona Gosar Rankovic Cycling base training, the process of using low-intensity rides to strengthen the aerobic system before moving on to harder workouts, is the key to long-term cycling success, both indoors and outdoors. Base training is an essential part of every successful training program and every healthy lifestyle. Over the last few years high-intensity workouts have become more ... Read More »