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How to Be a Great Spinning® Instructor

International Spinning® Master Instructor, Josh Taylor leading Josh's Fighter Pilot Ride at the 
2013 World Spinning® and Sports Conditioning (WSSC) Conference in Miami.

By Sabrina Fairchild, Spinning® Master Instructor | California, United States Great Spinning® instructors have a variety of qualities that encompass the Spinning philosophy. The traditional philosophy has been to provide a safe, non-competitive experience with a well-planned profile connected to authentic music that allows all levels of participants to experience being champions. Instructors who remain true to these ideals stand ... Read More »

Effective Cueing for Group Fitness: Keep It Simple

Spinning® Language

By Jeff Krabiel, Spinning® Master Instructor | California, United States As a special education teacher, I take a lot of professional development classes and most of them are on the topic of behavior. We discuss working with students who have unique needs and the strategies for assisting them with learning the curriculum. One of the best things I’ve learned through ... Read More »

Spinning® Instructors Ask:
To Jump or Not To Jump


By Jeff Krabiel, Spinning® Master Instructor | California, United States Primary goals of the Spinning® program include developing cardiovascular fitness and creating better muscular endurance. And one of the most controversial and least understood movements in the Spinning program is Jumps. However, when using proper technique and form, Jumps are very beneficial. Spinning® Jumps for Strength In many ways, Spinning ... Read More »

Cadence Building vs. Sprints in Spinning® Classes

Spinning Sprints and Cadence

By Jeff Krabiel, Spinning® Master Instructor | California, United States Even with a strong foundation, many new Spinning® instructors struggle with the differences between cadence building and sprinting. After more than 17 years, I still answer questions about these two areas of the Spinning program on a weekly basis. Let me see if I can offer some information on the ... Read More »