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5 Fabulous Spinning® Benefits

There are many benefits to riding in Spinning® classes — improve your health and wellbeing.

By Cori Parks, Certified Spinning® Instructor | Cambodia With the hairpin twists and turns that “expertise” takes in the fitness industry, it is easy to get caught up in an enthusiastic wave of new thinking and completely shelve what you’ve always known to be true. What people tend to forget is that, in a well-rounded fitness program, variety is key. ... Read More »

Stretch Yourself Out


By Cori Parks You’ve just completed a great ride and dismount the bike. You wipe down the bike, but forgo stretching at the end of the class. I’ve heard many excuses for not stretching after class. The Spinning® room is too hot and/or foggy, or you want to get out fast and do a light jog or strengthening session. Maybe ... Read More »