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Summer Wu, Spinning® Master Instructor | Taiwan


Why did you start taking Spinning® classes? It was new type of group exercise. What inspired you to become a Certified Spinning® Instructor and then a Master Instructor? The Spinning® Program was the best indoor cycling program and was greatly recommended by all. After teaching for several years, I found out that many of trainers were greatly interested in my teaching ... Read More »

Pedro Alarcón, Spinning® Master Instructor | Ecuador

Spinning® Master Instructor Team from more than 80 countries including South America, the United States, German, England, India, Japan, Russia

Becoming a member of the Spinning® Master Instructor team was a natural progression for a lifelong athlete and someone passionate about being a great instructor and mentor. His athletic accomplishments include positions in minor soccer divisions and national swimming records, and Pedro represented his country in international competitions as a member of the national Kayak team. Pedro is a competitive ... Read More »

Claudia Hoffmann, Spinning® Master Instructor | Germany

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Claudia Hoffman first became a Certified Spinning® Instructor to help out her husband, a pilot with a passion for Spinning, but who could not regularly attend classes due to his unpredictable work schedule. To make it easier for him, Claudia attended a training so that she could be his substitute, and the rest is history. She loves the fact that ... Read More »

Gina Grant, Spinning® Master Instructor | Egypt

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Gina became a certified Spinning® instructor and a Master Instructor because formerly there was no Spinning program in her home country of Egypt. She was certified with another indoor cycling program, but wanted a more comprehensive approach that was more firmly based in science. Gina has a passion for information and teaching, and wanted to teach instructors that didn’t have ... Read More »

Masakuni Tachi, Spinning® Master Instructor | Japan

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A professional endurance and downhill mountain bike racer, Masakuni Tachi first started taking Spinning® classes to improve his performance on the dirt. Spinning had such a great impact on his outdoor cycling that he decided to become a Certified Spinning Instructor in 1996. He went on to become a Master Instructor because he wanted to convey the benefits of Spinning ... Read More »

Sarah Ness, Spinning® Master Instructor | Ontario, Canada

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Sarah Ness, being a Master Instructor brings joy into her life, where even a tough conversation about the reality of cancer can be overcome through the community that the Spinning® program nurtures.  Sarah shares with us her story in the following Q&A Interview. Why did you start taking Spinning® classes? I thought it would be a good cross-training workout to ... Read More »

Evangelos Kastamoulas, Spinning® Master Instructor | Greece

Evangelos Kastamoulas, Spinning Master Instructor at the Beach

Evangelos started taking Spinning® classes only when he didn’t have time to train outdoors or when the weather conditions were bad, but says that then he “got addicted and wanted more,” developing a desire to continue his “quest for learning and knowledge of the Spinning program.” He was so drawn to Spinning because cycling is a major part of his ... Read More »

Mel Chambers, Spinning® Master Instructor | United Kingdom

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From the beginning, Mel has been deeply inspired by Spinning®–the concept, the principles, the engagement, the in-depth education based on science and facts, the support and the people. Most of all, she is inspired by the passion and the amazing empowerment that it gives both to her and to the riders in her sessions. She loves the energy, passion, and ... Read More »

Michelle Colvin, Spinning® Master Instructor | United Kingdom

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Michelle started taking Spinning® classes when she had an injury that forced her to stop running. She didn’t even own a bike at the time, and went into the class thinking  that she probably wouldn’t like it, but she was hooked after her first class. She became a certified instructor after one of her own instructors asked her to help out ... Read More »

Carmelo Di Giacomo, Spinning® Master Instructor | Italy

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Carmelo has many years of experience in the fitness industry. He discovered Spinning® 15 years ago, when he wanted to bring a new style of training to the fitness center he owned. After buying Spinner® bikes for his facility, he realized that he lacked qualified instructors who would teach his members how to get the most out of their workouts, ... Read More »