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Do You Really Need a Disco Ball? Evaluating the Effectiveness of Experiential Exercise


With a growing number of health clubs and independent studios in the United States, fitness instructors face increased competition to attracting and retaining the over 20 million participants engaged in group exercise classes. In response, many fitness professionals have capitalized on the concept of “experiential exercise,” which, according to an article published in IDEA Fitness Journal, elevates a basic fitness ... Read More »

How to Motivate Your Riders Without Music


By Jennifer Tipton, Certified Spinning® Instructor | California, United States Music is a motivating factor. It is incredibly rewarding when a student compliments our music selection after class because, for many participants, the music really drives the energy of a great Spinning® class. As seasoned instructors, we are committed to creating great playlists and keeping our classes alive and fresh. We spend ... Read More »

Caroline Dawson, Spinning® Master Instructor | Massachusetts, USA

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With passion for Spinning® and a background in group exercise and personal training, Caroline Dawson loves every minute she spends teaching on the bike—especially the opportunity to rise to new challenges. Caroline has always loved the Spinning philosophy, and strongly believes in the importance of continuing education. She became a Master Instructor out of a sheer love and passion for ... Read More »

Albert Arranz, Spinning® Master Instructor | Spain

Albert Arranz Master Instructor Spain

Albert Arranz has been a life-long fitness enthusiast and has participated in a wide variety of workouts, but only the Spinning® program made him addicted to fitness. The effects lasted not only throughout the actual workout, but also helped to change his personality and way of thinking. That positive impact inspired him to become an instructor so he could have a similar impact on ... Read More »

Lorey Pro, Spinning® Master Instructor | Arizona, USA

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Lorey Pro’s last name reflects her ambition and drive as not only a Master Instructor, but as an individual who wants to share the “empowerment of accomplishment.” It makes one think twice about predestination. From St. Gabriel, LA, Lorey started off as an athlete, but these days in a role-reversal, she’s the one now making athletes. Lorey’s goal-oriented mindset has ... Read More »

Shannon Derby, Spinning® Master Instructor | Colorado, USA

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Today, we’re pleased to introduce in this interview Shannon Derby, one of our veteran Master Instructors, who tells us that she had a great interest in becoming an Instructor in her early career-which isn’t hard to believe when you consider the impression she received during her first time attending a class. We asked her why she wanted to become an ... Read More »

Michael Ferrante, Spinning® Master Instructor | Massachusetts, USA

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Michael Ferrante, from Gloucester, MA, took his passion for cycling as a student and decided to educate and engage riders so he could share the same joy he felt as a student. For him, helping the lives of others is something that he “cherishes” because he knows that as a Master Instructor, he’s honestly affecting lives in a positive direction. Why did ... Read More »