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Digestive Health after the Holidays


Heavy holiday meals can take their toll on your digestive system. If you’re eager to get back on track, here are a few strategies for improving your gut health. Drink water. The holiday season is filled with many delicious beverages, making water a distant memory for many revelers. And, peppermint spice lattes, hot apple cider and steaming cup of mulled ... Read More »

Paleo Honey Pecan Granola

Paleo Granola

Granola made with whole-grain oats gained popularity in the United States during the low-fat craze of the 1980s, when health-conscious consumers sought breakfast alternatives without the saturated fat and cholesterol of eggs. Since then, science has exonerated fat, even saturated fat. But granola has remained a breakfast favorite. This version skips the oats and refined sugar for a paleo-friendly take ... Read More »

Loaded Paleo Sweet Potato Fries


If you want game day food that won’t leave you feeling as sluggish as an armchair quarterback, try these loaded paleo sweet potato fries. They have a perfect blend of flavors and textures and a high nutrient density. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of beta-carotene, which is made more bio-available by the inclusion of fat. They also contain unique ... Read More »

Adverse Food-Related Reactions

allergies and foods

By Jenna Corbin, MS, RD, LD, CSSD, CLT, PES, CES The food we eat is supposed to nourish our bodies and make us feel content and energized. Why is it that food sometimes causes pain, fatigue, nausea or worse? Whether it’s due to increased awareness, more processing of food or a changing food environment, it seems more people are being ... Read More »

Research Reveals Caffeine’s Perks

health benefits of caffeine

By Shannan Lynch, PhD, CSCS, HFS, CISSN This article presents new research that challenges previous notions about caffeine; shedding light on some of its benefits and helping us better understand how caffeine affects us. Caffeine is the world’s most consumed stimulant — and I’m among those who partake of it. Openly, I admit, I drank two cups by the time ... Read More »

Pedal for Prevention: How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Spinning Nation and the American Heart Association Help Prevent Heart Disease

By Wendy Moltrup, MS, CHES Earn 1 SPIN® CEC and take the newsletter quiz! Wondering how to reduce the risk of heart disease? Being more physically active slows the aging process and benefits your heart and your health. In addition to the physical changes you see, a healthy exercise program results in beneficial physiological changes that occur at a microscopic ... Read More »

Food Labels May Get a Facelift: What It Means For You

New Food Labels

By Wendy Moltrup, MS, CHES  The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed new guidelines for the nutrition labels on packaged foods and drinks. Under the guidelines, most of America’s favorite foods would have a new look and greater clarity about what and how much you’re really consuming. For anyone who struggles with understanding food labels, this is fantastic ... Read More »

Hydration: Essential for Performance & Health

Hydration 101: Stay Hydrated for Performance, Keep Spinning®

By Wendy Moltrup, MS, CHES Hydration affects how your body functions, including your heart rate, core body temperature, circulation and the ability of your muscles to contract properly. Why is hydration important during exercise? Maybe you’ve found yourself asking this very question: Why is hydration important during exercise? According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), failing to take ... Read More »