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5 Fabulous Spinning® Benefits


By Cori Parks, Certified Spinning® Instructor | Cambodia With the hairpin twists and turns that “expertise” takes in the fitness industry, it is easy to get caught up in an enthusiastic wave of new thinking and completely shelve what you’ve always known to be true. What people tend to forget is that, in a well-rounded fitness program, variety is key. ... Read More »

How Spinning® Influences Indoor Cycling Instructor Education

Spinning Raises the Bar for Indoor Cycling - Setting a Standard to Which Others Aspire

By Cori Parks When I decided to become an indoor cycling instructor, it was as easy as taking an extra day onto a fitness convention. Of course I had heard of Mad Dogg Athletics’s Spinning® and other programs, but I was swept away by the convenience of the pre-conference training with another provider. With so many quality indoor cycling routines ... Read More »