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Spinning® for Optimal Function

optimal function

Spinning® workouts can be a useful tool for individuals seeking to improve mobility and overall fitness. And with more people spending long periods of time behind a desk or sitting in a car, engaging in physical activities such a Spinning can make a world of difference in enhancing overall function. The activity involves the utilization of the foot/ankle, knee and ... Read More »

With Hydration, Balance is Crucial


The water bottle is the most important piece of equipment for any Spinning® class, and dehydration – even slight dehydration – can have serious consequences on performance and health. A study published in March 2014 in the journal Nutrición Hospitalaria found that 90 minutes of indoor cycling performed without hydration resulted in elevated body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate ... Read More »

Risks of Rhabdomyolysis (Rhabdo)

risks of rhabdo

A cavalier attitude toward indoor cycling (or any exercise for that manner) can have serious consequences for new riders. No, they’re not going to get struck by a car or fly head over handlebars; however, when intensities are too high, conditions such as rhabdomyolysis can occur in individuals new to exercise. Often referred to as “rhabdo,” the disease has an ... Read More »

Pedal Power: Wear Cycling Shoes for Spinning® Classes

Pedal with More Power: Wear Cycling Shoes for Spinning Classes

Wearing cycling-specific shoes for Spinning® class promotes efficient movement throughout the whole pedal stroke — it allows you to use the quadriceps and hamstrings effectively throughout the pedal stroke and to properly recruit the secondary muscle groups like the calves and shin muscles. There is greater efficiency in the transfer of power and a more balanced use of the leg ... Read More »

Hydration: Essential for Performance & Health

Hydration 101: Stay Hydrated for Performance, Keep Spinning®

By Wendy Moltrup, MS, CHES Hydration affects how your body functions, including your heart rate, core body temperature, circulation and the ability of your muscles to contract properly. Why is hydration important during exercise? Maybe you’ve found yourself asking this very question: Why is hydration important during exercise? According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), failing to take ... Read More »

How to Be a Great Spinning® Instructor

International Spinning® Master Instructor, Josh Taylor leading Josh's Fighter Pilot Ride at the 
2013 World Spinning® and Sports Conditioning (WSSC) Conference in Miami.

By Sabrina Fairchild, Spinning® Master Instructor | California, United States Great Spinning® instructors have a variety of qualities that encompass the Spinning philosophy. The traditional philosophy has been to provide a safe, non-competitive experience with a well-planned profile connected to authentic music that allows all levels of participants to experience being champions. Instructors who remain true to these ideals stand ... Read More »

Base Training: The Right Start for Cycling Success

Build a Solid Aerobic Base Before You Increase the Intensity of Your Training

By Polona Gosar Rankovic Cycling base training, the process of using low-intensity rides to strengthen the aerobic system before moving on to harder workouts, is the key to long-term cycling success, both indoors and outdoors. Base training is an essential part of every successful training program and every healthy lifestyle. Over the last few years high-intensity workouts have become more ... Read More »

Warming Up for a Great Workout


By June Chu, Certified Spinning® Instructor | New Hampshire, United States Think back to grade school and physical education class—you pretty much always started out with a warm-up, right? Your teacher wanted to get blood flowing to your muscles and introduce skills you’d use in the day’s class. A warm-up in Spinning® class is equally necessary—it helps prepare us for the ride ... Read More »