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Masakuni Tachi, Spinning® Master Instructor | Japan


A professional endurance and downhill mountain bike racer, Masakuni Tachi first started taking Spinning® classes to improve his performance on the dirt. Spinning had such a great impact on his outdoor cycling that he decided to become a Certified Spinning Instructor in 1996. He went on to become a Master Instructor because he wanted to convey the benefits of Spinning ... Read More »

Sarah Ness, Spinning® Master Instructor | Ontario, Canada


Sarah Ness, being a Master Instructor brings joy into her life, where even a tough conversation about the reality of cancer can be overcome through the community that the Spinning® program nurtures.  Sarah shares with us her story in the following Q&A Interview. Why did you start taking Spinning® classes? I thought it would be a good cross-training workout to ... Read More »

Evangelos Kastamoulas, Spinning® Master Instructor | Greece

Evangelos Kastamoulas, Spinning Master Instructor at the Beach

Evangelos started taking Spinning® classes only when he didn’t have time to train outdoors or when the weather conditions were bad, but says that then he “got addicted and wanted more,” developing a desire to continue his “quest for learning and knowledge of the Spinning program.” He was so drawn to Spinning because cycling is a major part of his ... Read More »

Mel Chambers, Spinning® Master Instructor | United Kingdom


From the beginning, Mel has been deeply inspired by Spinning®–the concept, the principles, the engagement, the in-depth education based on science and facts, the support and the people. Most of all, she is inspired by the passion and the amazing empowerment that it gives both to her and to the riders in her sessions. She loves the energy, passion, and ... Read More »

Carlos Fuentes, Spinning® Master Instructor | Spain


Carlos Fuentes has been active in sports since childhood, and running, swimming and cycling have always been his favorites. He first heard about Spinning® at a fitness conference, and for the past fifteen years he has been training with the program. He was inspired to become a certified instructor because he had a desire to learn more about the program. ... Read More »

Chantal Janssen, Spinning® Master Instructor | Netherlands


Why did you start taking Spinning® classes? The Healthcenter where I was working started with Indoorcycling classes. I got hooked immediately and searched for the real deal and got known with Spinning®. From that day on, Spinning it is! What inspired you to become a Certified Spinning® Instructor and then a Master Instructor? Soon after I became a Certified Spinning Instructor, ... Read More »

Daniele Iacoboni, Spinning® Master Instructor | Italy


With a wealth of experience in the fitness industry, especially in gymnastics and weightlifting, Daniele fell in love with Spinning® as soon as he got on a Spinner® bike. Why did you start taking Spinning® classes? I started with the goal to become a Spinning instructor to enlarge my possibility to work. In the beginning, I was very busy when I ... Read More »

Caroline Dawson, Spinning® Master Instructor | Massachusetts, USA


With passion for Spinning® and a background in group exercise and personal training, Caroline Dawson loves every minute she spends teaching on the bike—especially the opportunity to rise to new challenges. Caroline has always loved the Spinning philosophy, and strongly believes in the importance of continuing education. She became a Master Instructor out of a sheer love and passion for ... Read More »

Janet Toussaint, Spinning® Master Instructor | Massachusetts, USA


Janet first discovered Spinning® at a fitness conference in 1995. She was immediately drawn to the bike, the teaching style and the music, and worked to bring the program to the Boston Athletic Club—the first club in New England to feature Spinning. As soon as they had the bikes, Janet got certified and began teaching right away. Nearly 20 years ... Read More »