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10K Benefitting Brain Tumor Research

This past weekend, I ran in my first 10K, a goal I had spent the last couple of months training for. I wanted to run in a race that was not only the right distance, but also benefited a good cause. I chose the Heroes of Hope Race, an annual run that benefits brain tumor research. Last year, a close friend of mine who is not much older than me, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. When I came across this organization while searching online, I knew this was the race for me. Many people at the race were running in honor of a friend or family member who was diagnosed with or lost due to a brain tumor. It was powerful and very hopeful to see so many people out supporting and contributing to the research efforts to end brain tumors and brain cancer. I am also happy to report that my friend has successfully battled her brain tumor and is on the road to recovery. 




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