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Ack! You're throwing me off!!

So, I need some thoughts/advice if anyone has anything to share on this topic?I think that this mostly applies to those of you who might teach other fitness classes aside from Spinning. So one of the classes I teach requires a lot of cueing and memorization?not to mention also engaging students in the class (think: witty banter?!). Anyhow, when I taught yesterday there was this student in front who was woefully off-beat. It?s not that she didn?t really know the moves, but she was always one or two beats ahead of where she should have been, thus really throwing me off (as well as those who were behind her). I tried saying a couple times ?listen to the music and try to stay on beat? while also saying ?wait for my cue? ? all to no avail. After being thrown off I finally moved off center in the front of the room, hoping to get rid of her in my direct line of sight but couldn?t ever really get her out of my peripheral vision. After class I was chatting with my co-teacher, and he asked me if I had found anything ?annoying? during class?which led me to share this. And, in fact, he had been referring to that student as well. I think it was harder for him because he?s new to teaching group exercise so maintaining focus is a bit more of a challenge. Anyhow, both of us were not sure what to do. How does one gently say to someone in the class that they are completely throwing people off? Does one ever say it or does one (as teacher) just learn to cope? Thoughts? ?June



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