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Bringing Nutrition into YOUR Hands - An Introduction

A new year is always a cause for celebration. New goals, resolutions, and challenges abound as we promise to achieive more than we did the prior year. But sometimes, it's the smallest of changes that can make all the difference in the world. Eight years ago, I tried to take a step class at a New York Sports Club in NYC, but I got stuck in a meeting at my monotonous finance job and the class was already full when I arrived.

So I grabbed a saddle in the spin room next door.

And the rest is history. 

Since then, I quit that monotonous job, went back to school, completed a MS in Nutrition Communications, and now find myself completing the final year in the long, but rewarding process, of becoming Katie Andrews, MS, RD. It wasn't always easy. And believe, me it wasn't always pretty (returning to freshman Anatomy to dissect a skinned cat? Pass). But I have finally landed where I was meant to be. And it feels good.

Which brings me to you. Taking that first spin class was the door that exposed me to the world of health, wellness, and nutrition. While I've had to find the keys to many doors since, I credit the support of the spin community for helping breed my belief that I could be a presence in this industry. For helping me believe that if I pursued this whole new life, it would be worth it.

So I find myself coming full circle and returning to this strong, impressive, inspiring, and powerful community to say - got any questions about nutrition?

Joking aside, I'm thrilled to be here as your in-house nutrition expert. I look forward to sharing my ideas about how to best fuel your rides and recoveries - with a bit of alternative rock on the side.

Please send along your questions, comments, or thoughts about nutrition. Here is to a great 2013 in the saddle!




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