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What is confidence?  Confidence is the belief that you can control your outcome. It is built on belief that you can grow and learn, and evidence that proves you have done so.  Truly confident people understand that learning is process, they believe that focus, efforts and commitment will produce their outcomes. They are not afraid to face new challenges and moderate risk. They are full of enthusiasm and energy.

We sometimes confuse confidence with arrogance. Arrogant person is actually insecure person, who hides this with arrogance. The arrogant person is boastful, likes to speak about his achievements, while confident person does not need as their achievements speak for him. A confident person is able to admit mistake, he is honest and open. The arrogant person is focused on looking and appearing good, confident person focus on doing the best.

A confident Spinning® instructor is a person who teaches classes for members, not for himself. He learns and shares knowledge and is able to work in team.

Have to improve confident?
In order to improve confidence you need to also work on self esteem and self efficacy as they are related to each other.

  • Dress up: when you fell you look good, you are more likely to walk / present with more confidence. So yes buy Spinning gear.
  • Watch your posture / body language: have you carried your body and what it says shows about your confident. Are you slouching are your shoulders slumping, do you look at you members, do you go off the bike or you sit thru the whole class in your safe space (on bike)...
  • Practice gratitude; do not think about what you do not have, but be grateful for what you do have. We tend to compare us with others and what they have instead being grateful for what is around you. So next time when you walk in your class – with 10 years old bikes, do not think miserable – think about have great your members are.
  • Pay people compliments; we can surround us with negative thoughts about other, we can spread gossip and negativity. When we fell badly – it is easier to talk bad about others so that we look better. But everyone has good values – and focus on that.  Pay compliments and talk positive about others. The more you speak positive about others the more you will feel positive about yourself. At the end if you speak negative about others, this shows more about your personality.
  • Speak up; speak up in front of people. I know “I am instructor I speak” … It is somehow true, but I meet so many instructors who are quite and silent and they speak just what they need to. The position, technique - but they do not give feedback, do not lead class.
  • Be and stay fit; remember Spinning® class is for your member. But as an idol for many members you need to be fit and in shape. So probably the days you do not teach you have to exercise.
  • Focus on contributing: Think about what you can give not on what you should receive. I do believe that life gives you back, if you contribute with honesty and not just because you expect. When you think about what you can give you stop worrying about yourself.
  • Work on your passion: Each day dedicate moments for things that are your passion. I do believe in balance in life. And we need to do what we love to do.
  • Think about your achievements, write them down. So you can truck all your success and be proud on it.
  • Stop the negative talk. You know the little voice in your head. The “inner critics”. It is yours so you can control this voice.  Focus on positive.

No one can do the job instead of us. Confidence is a process that is related to you. Setting your goals, learning, working and achieving them.  Set up big goals, frame them in time. And go for them.  Be grateful for small things that you have anything about what can you do for others. 

Success comes in cans, not cant's.





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