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Energy restoration

I honestly enjoy teaching Spinning® Instructor Trainings with  new instructors. Last weekend we finished that kind of training In my hometown. There were 15 amazing people who were billing to discover beauty of Spinning® from the instructors perspective. Two of them are my regular students for 3-4 years. This is a natural way for some of Spinning® enthusiasts to decide to become an instructor. Some of them want to finish the course only to increase their knowledge, they don’t want to teach. But the information they get helps to increase profits from each and every training. Some of them want to teach so they take the risk . I always admire the energy and passion that students during instructor Training have. Then when I compare it to more experienced  instructors I have a feeling they lost their freshness somewhere..That is true that we all might teach with a routine. More classes you are teaching more risk of a its good to remind ourselves from time to time- why we have chosen to become a Spinning®  Instructor, what we love about Spinning®?

Change something in the way you teach, in your attitude, find and more important use your new ideas. Get yourself inspired! Just look at your students who are beginning their Spinning® journey, how much interest, energy and fun they have. Some of my colleagues are teaching over 15 Spinning® classes per week. In my opinion it’s impossible in a long term to stay fresh, and avoid routine. The amount of classes is too high! Every single workout I put my heart and soul into, and yes I’m tired, but not only physically.

So take your job seriously, everybody needs energy restoration from time to time.

Look at those who are not tired and get inspired!






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