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Have stay motivated as Spinning (R) instructor

Being instructor is really great job.  For most of us is a part time job.  So yes having a job, family and second job, takes dedication, energy, and motivation.  I have been an instructor for almost 22 years, and staying motivated is important. We all get stuck in a routine and we have bad times, when you feel without energy not motivated. I do have simple rules that I follow and are helping me thru years of teaching.

Do not take “Too many classes”:   I believe that between   3 – 6 classes per week is quite good number so that you can stay motivated and that you do not get too much.   Spinning® classes are for your participants, so do not take them as your own training, and yes you need to have time to stay  fit, so free days for your own trainings. We need to have our life in balance. Time for family, friends, reading books, watching TV or just having time for you is important. If you spend every evening in gym teaching classes – I bet after couple of months, not years you will start missing “normal lifeJ” - things that ordinary people do.

KISS: Do you remember “Keep it simple and specific” Do not complicate your classes to much. Too much information’s is confusing for members and you need to know what you are talking about. So setting a specific goals for single class, will give you creativity and you will be able to do a profile in 15 minutes.   When I am teaching a clinic we do speak about goals that our members have. Mostly these goals are long term (like losing weight, getting fit…). But to be creative and that you as an instructor do not start repeat yourself – set up specific goals for a class (specific goal can be: pedal technique, breathing techniques, smooth transitions  ...) It is fun and gives you variety and you can be better prepared for a class. Members love to learn and if you will not teach them they will try to get information’s somewhere else.

Become organized (if you are not):  Do the profile the same time of day and the same days. Putting classes (Profiles) together should become a part of your schedule routine.  Let me give you an example: I do all my profiles on Monday morning for the whole week. I have been doing this for 20 years and it is the day and hour for a profile. I do not skip this routine.  We have busy life’s , often something comes unexpected and  being ready  on time, knowing that everything is ready makes you  calm and you can easily deal with this unexpected situation.  So make it a routine.

Organize your music:  It is much easier if you organize your music. Have? It depends on individuals:  by  genre, by BPM; by terrain, by energy zones, by emotions – depends what you prefer. If you have your music organized you will find the right track quicker.

Go for continuing education and events. Everybody needs somebody that moves him out off his comfort zone.   In past 20 years I have visited many events, done continuing education. Read books about training, psychology, physiology, anatomy. Go for a clinic for second time or third. Get back to basic. We are trainers – teachers this is an important role and members trust us. They  take us as an idols and that is huge responsibility, so being well educated and being updated with  information’s is for me MUST BE . You will be able to have loyal members just because you give more.

Have fun. If it becomes to frustrating, and takes too much time you will not enjoy anymore. So everything needs to be fun and simple.

The longer you teach better you get .Many times I see instructor so motivated after clinic and then they start to teach and motivation goes quick away. Being instructor is great job, but you have to work on it, you have to work on yourself. And yes members notice when you are motivated and if you have experience.   Google is a powerful tool so often members have knowledge and information’s and for my opinion it is necessary to be well educated and have wider knowledge about training.  So probably 2 day clinic will not be enough to become a good, knowledgably instructor that can lead classes next  10 years.  It is a personal decision what kind of instructor you want be.
“Knowledge is the food of the soul.” Plato - so feed your soul 





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