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Mum and son

Just a quickie to share with you. Last night one of the boys from a Royal Grammar School I've been teaching TeenSpin® to for 15 months, came along to another facility I teach at with his mum. He suggested that as his mum has made a New Year Resolution to lose weight and get fit, she should try Spinning®. The School is still closed for the holidays, but he knew the other facility I taught at, checked on their website to look up the timetable, found my Class and came along. 

He's been an avid follower, attending every week, benefiting greatly from the fitness improvement for his other favourite sport of Rugby, where he plays for the school team.

They both enjoyed the Class last night, and next week he will be back on my TeenSpin® sessions. His mum however, will be coming back by herself on my 'adult' Class.

But had it not been for her son, she said she would never have plucked up the courage to attend by herself. 

This just affirms my previous post about New Year Resolutions and getting that all important encouragement and support!




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