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Rituals for Improved Performance


As a Health and Wellness Coordinator for a global corporation I am privileged to be exposed to many
tools.  Tools in which I can utilize within
my coaching of others to help improve their work/life performance.  I willing admit that I too use many of these tools to help myself. My coaching/teaching philosophy is that I need to help myself first before I can help others.

I am certain that many of you feel the same way which is why I wanted to share with you some of these tools so that you can perform your best while delivering your Spinning®  and SpinPower classes, BodyBlade, Peak
Pilates, and whatever else you do so that you too can perform your best. 

The following Ten Rituals will not only provide you with a routine for improvement and/or lifestyle change, but they can also become a script for which to deliver your rides.

  1. Choose specific times and days to
    do at least three cardiovascular and two strength workouts each week.
  2. Eat energy rich foods, focusing on
    proteins and complex carbohydrates, every three hours. A typical day should
    include three smaller meals and two snacks (each 100-200 calories).
  3. Begin preparing for sleep at least
    45 minutes prior to going to bed by quieting your body and mind. Sleep at least
    7-8 hours per night.
  4. When you notice yourself feeling
    like you’re a victim, separate the facts of the situation from the story you
    are telling yourself. What is the most realistically optimistic story you could
    tell here without denying or minimizing the facts? Put another way, how would
    you respond to this situation at your best?
  5. When you feel triggered – pushed
    into negative emotions–take a deep breath and feel your feet. Whatever you feel
    compelled to do, don’t. Buy time until you feel able to truly reflect on how
    you’d like to respond, rather than simply reacting.
  6. Designate specific times throughout
    the day when you ask yourself: “What energy quadrant am I in?” If you find
    yourself on the negative side of the quadrants, ask yourself: “What do I need
    to do to move myself back over to the positive side?
  7. Before you go to bed, identify the
    most important task you could do the following day. Do the most important thing
    first thing in the morning by scheduling a minimum of 45 minutes and no more
    than 90 minutes for this task. This time as sacredly as you would a meeting.
    When you are finished, take a renewal break.
  8. Set aside designated periods of
    time each week to reflect, strategize and focus on the big picture.
  9. Set aside regularly scheduled times
    – at least five minutes for each one – during which you meditate or engage in a
    deep breathing exercise in order to develop and train the “muscle” of absorbed
  10. Check in with yourself once a day
    to reflect on this question: “How aligned is my behavior today aligned with my
    deepest values – the person I want to be?” If you’ve fallen short, what change
    do you need to make going forward?

What other rituals do you currently use that work in improving your physical, mental and emotional performance?

Source:  Tony Schwartz, The Energy Project, www.energyproject.com





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