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Simple Tips for Performance Nutrition

Just a few simple tricks can help you increase energy, feed your training, and boost your overall health.

1) Always eat at least 5 times per day. By doing so, you will control your blood sugar levels and have a constant flow of energy. If you are finding that during the course of your day, you feel tired and sluggish, it's probably due to a decrease in sugar levels, which accounts for the lack of energy. This may well encourage you to reach for high calorie, high fat foods for a quick fix.

2) Plan your caloric ratio.  This means that you need to ensure you have a balance. A general guide is to ensure each meal consists of 1 part fat, 2 parts protein and 3 parts carbohydrates. So if you had a 600 calorie meal, 100 calories would come from fat, 200 from protein and 300 from carbohydrates. This may change, depending on your training programme and goals. However, don't fall into the trap of not eating fat because you want to lose weight! We all need fat as an essential part of our daily diet to maintain good health and help transport the fat soluble nutrients through the body. Similarly, if you are trying to gain mass, don't think that you have to eat predominantly protein. If you eat more than the body needs, it will simply use the excess as carbohydrates or alternatively, store it as fat.
A maximum of 30% of your total calories should come from protein, if your goal is to increase muscle mass. For
general fitness, 20% protein is a good amount.

3) Think in advance. If you are going to train in an hour or so, then ensure you take in carbohydrates to help you through your workout. Stored carbs, (muscle glycogen), will ensure you don't feel drained  half way through your training.

4) A daily calorie deficit is required to lose body fat. Those of you who feel you are training hard and seeing no progress – think about what you are eating. You have to adhere to the Energy Balance; energy in is less than energy out. If you work out hard, but consume too much food, the result will be energy in is more than energy out, and you will gain weight!

5) Nutrients without calories. If you are negative calorie diet, then the chances are that you need to take a multi-vitamin to ensure you are receiving all the necessary nutrients for daily life. This will also help
towards your fitness goals.





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