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Some Autobiographical/Personal Observations on a Common Mind-Body Mantra

No doubt we, regardless of whatever stage of the Spinning® journey we are currently pursuing, have probably been exposed to a mind-body coaching cue akin to 'Be here now -- in this moment.'  There are probably limitless variations upon this theme, but I believe we may agree that collectively, said theme and its variations are commonplace in the Spinning® community.  I would also contend that 'Be here now. . .' is at a point where its use in  Eastern religion all the way to popular culture may be at risk of being overabundant at points; however, using it mindfully goes toward preserving its currency.

What I would like to do now is visit, or perhaps revisit, some ways that this mantra has permeated by thinking.  What I am referring to is the utility of this mantra not only in Spinning® classes, but also in our attitudes and ways of approaching everyday situations.  (Of course, we face challenging 'situations' in the form of difficult sections of road, too!)

I was just speaking with a younger child, quite recently to be sure, and in doing so I noticed how discontented this child was with her situation and how nothing was at that point -- in the present -- as she wanted it to be -- in the past or future.  Essentially then, her life had been far more enjoyable anywhere but the present!  And I began to think about how we are perhaps often faced with adverse situations over which we exercise little control; and we then have a choice to remain paralyzed by all the what-ifs and whys, or we may align our focus with that which we currently enjoy that we are perhaps taking for granted.

In my Spinning® classes, and certainly in my training for multiple races and their race day results, I recall often being caught between two worlds, those being: 1.) contentment and satisfaction with the journey and where I was at that time (present) and 2.) thinking, frankly, that I wanted to be someone or somewhere else -- being faster or more powerful than this person and that person.

How misguided I was with the latter mindset!  Not to be overly harsh with myself or others, but I found this attitude to be quite internally destructive, actually, and I discovered time and again that the Spinning® program is non-competitive for some good reasons.  Not to assert that all competition is categorically wrong, but for me to become lost and adrift in the desire to always be someone else?  I had to reconfigure my thinking entirely.

My personal faith convictions being what they are, and some great mentoring by other instructors and certain MIs the richer, I was finally able to absorb and actually live the mantra 'Be here now -- in this moment.'  Interestingly, I had to at least temporarily set aside my voracious appetite for racing and, to some degree, even training!  (Rest is part of the periodization cycle!  Ha!) 

Seriously, though, while it may be that I never race again, I have learned some invaluable life lessons.  I am so grateful to my Creator and my many mentors for being so patient with a sometimes reluctant student.  In the final analysis, if I cannot enjoy racing and the empowering outcomes of living in the present together, then I choose the latter over the former without hesitation.  I may never 'un-retire.'  Sometimes our choices are difficult, and I am ready to make mine if warranted. 

My hope is that you are able to continually enjoy your Spinning® and life journeys without being unduly inhibited by what you should be.  May you enjoy who and what you are!




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