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Spinpower™ Brings Power to the People!

The first private Spinpower™ Instructor Trainings are in the books for St. Louis, MO at NutriFormance and Greenwood, CO at Greenwood Athletic Club. The power meter innovation on the Spinner® Blade ION and the Spinpower™ Instructor Training has proven effective in maximizing results for those Instructors. They will now incorporate immediate and accurate measurements to gauge intensity of the work performed on their tricked out Spinner Blade ION’s. The participants walked away with so much knowledge, learning how measuring work effort is the key tool to weight loss, fitness, and performance goals and the application in the Spinpower™ Program.  Check out some comments:

“This training will greatly impact the way I teach in the
future! Excited to give our members measurable and real results!”  Wendy Gossett

“I have been teaching indoor cycle for 19 years and it is like a breath of fresh air and a new excitement in my heart for teaching with the Spin Power bikes! Friday was filled with useful and scientific information, presented in a clear and concise manner that anyone could understand. It gave us the foundation and knowledge to coach/teach an effective, safe, and fun class! Lisa McLain

“… thank you for working with our team on Friday! 
They are so inspired to teach!  Very cool.”  Dale Huff

“Hands down Spinpower™ is the best indoor cycling power education available to indoor cycling instructors. Spinpower™ elevates you from an instructor to a true
  coachSpinpower elevates you from instructor to a true cycling   coach.  Justin

Look at those smiles! I am so honored to be a part of the first two official Spinpower™ Instructor Trainings IN THE WORLD!






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