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There is no” I “in Team

Teams are fundamental part of working life and they account for majority of work done in organizations. Yet there is one think to create a team, and another to create a team that works. Teams do not work without teamwork.
What is a team work?

Teamwork is a co operation between those who are working on the same task. Commonly teamwork is understood as co operation and willingness to work together.

When teamwork is in place we see:

-          Everybodys pulling the same way

-          Depending on your colleagues to deliver what they say

-          Getting help when it is needed

-          Sharing an exciting vision for future

-          Co operation and blending of each other strength

S = Strengths’ a team works best when strengths come together
T = Teamwork
A= Alignment; the strength of individuals and the support of team are directed towards goals and vision
R= Results; the team is focused on delivering a result

Running a successful Spinning program is about teamwork. Is about finding the strengths of each Spinning instructor and working on strength, setting the goals and vision of the club and working on it.  

Who is the right person to be in a team? You need to look for people with these characteristics:

-          Person who is focused on a team goals

-          Who is supportive to others

-          Who is able to solve problems together

-          Who is able to share (knowledge, ideas, insights )

-          Avoids conflicts

-          Communicates effectively

-          Go above and beyond

What attributes do you have to have to be able to work in team?

Interpersonal skills (are you able to establish trust, do you communicate verbally or writing, have good are you active listening, summarizing, asking questions, working under supervision, able to follow instructions, work independently , showing initiative, solving problems, accepting feedback)

Technical skills (relevant experience, appropriate qualifications, continuing professional development, useful contacts and network, knowing when and where to find answers when needed)

Personal characteristics (ability to learn, friendliness, sensitivity, integrity, sense of humor, openness to change, self awareness, empathy)

Effective teams will combine all this skills and characteristics by placing each member into appropriate role. Only a good teamwork will result a successful Spinning program. Full classes and happy members. And team is alive object so we need to constantly work on it.


T- Together

E- Everyone

A- Achieves

M- More






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