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Using the Road as the Basis of Your Profile.

This year I will be presenting a new ride and lecture at WSSC called ?From Map to Profile.? The basic concept is utilizing maps of various tours, races, events, and even output from a GPS cycle computer to build a profile for your class. I?m excited about this session because it provides the opportunity for the participants to help design the profile for the ride we will do after the lecture portion of the class. Talk about building the ride on the fly!!! Using maps from various sources can help anyone build a better profile. It is the true way to bring the road inside. Most events publicize their course maps and some will even provide information on the elevation along the route. Using both components, you can build a ride for your class that is realistic and challenging. WSSC provides many opportunities for you to add to your tool kit. This session promises to give you several ideas for building your profiles based on an actual ride. Come along for the journey!!!! blog by Ralph Mlady for 2/1/2011



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