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What Heart Rate Monitors are Suitable with eSpinner Bikes

Heart rate monitors are one of the easiest to use and most effective tools to help you achieve your fitness goals and prevent over and under training. Heart rate monitors are a relatively new fitness invention, developed in the late 1970s. Prior to that, athletes’ only option for measuring their exertion was by their “perceived exertion" - how they felt.

Today, there are a number of different heart rate monitors available to purchase at relatively affordable prices; from basic models to models that include a number of bells and whistles for hardcore athletes. Pairing your indoor cycling routine with a heart rate monitor is an excellent way to measure not only your current fitness level but your fitness improvements over a set period of time.

A heart rate monitor can also help you gage when you should increase your intensity level and when you should dial it down. Using a heart rate monitor is also a good way to get an accurate measure of your calorie burn during an indoor cycling workout.

When it comes to choosing the right heart rate monitor, there are a number of options available. The majority of Garmin and Polar heart rate monitors are compatible with indoor cycling bike computers, like the one that comes on the eSpinner® bike. Before deciding on which type of heart rate monitor is best for your needs, it’s important to first decide how you will use your heart rate monitor. If you are using it solely with your indoor eSpinner bike, then rather than buying a watch device that comes with a heart rate strap, a better option, and cheaper option might be to simply buy the Spinning® Premium Soft Strap Transmitter by Garmin®. This transmitter strap is worn around the chest and is compatible with the Spinning® Computer as well as the bike computer included on the eSpinner bike. That means all you need to do is wear the transmitter strap during your cycling workout and the eSpinner bike will sync and relay your heart rate, target zones, calories burned and additional information about your workout on its display screen.

If you take part in other activities, like running, and plan to use your heart rate monitor for runs, outdoor bike rides and indoor rides on other Spinning® bikes, it’s a good idea to buy a heart rate monitor that includes a watch device and a transmitter strap, such as the Polar FT7M. This heart rate monitor is easy to use and provides intuitive heart rate training for beginners and advanced athletes. Not only will it calculate your calories burned in real time throughout your workout, but it has a special feature to block transmissions from other heart rate monitors. That’s a great feature to have when you are in a packed Spinning® class with other cyclists wearing heart rate monitors. The Polar FT7M can also store up to 99 exercise files and 16 weekly training summaries, so you can review your progress week after week. This is a great choice for those who want a heart rate monitor to use during their indoor cycling workouts and for other outdoor athletic pursuits like running and outdoor cycling.

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