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A Guide to Your First WSSC

The World Spinning and Sport Conference is filling up quickly and you want to be a part of the excitement. If you are anything like I was, you probably have a lot of questions. That is normal. There is a lot of activity going on at WSSC and you?ll come back energized yet tired. The best thing to do is go prepared. Here are some of the questions I get at when I conduct Orientations and Continuing Education courses about WSSC. What sessions should I take? You need to answer this one for yourself. I suggest you identify what you strengths and weaknesses as a coach and participant. Then go through the catalog to determine which sessions help strengthen your weaknesses. Select a few sessions that caters to your strengths as well. Remember, you want to enjoy yourself and celebrate with the fellow participants so find a few sessions that you can truly enjoy. I can only sign up for four sessions a day. What happens if I want to take more? You can always take more sessions by going to the stand-by line. I learned this at the first WSSC I attended. You should register for the sessions that really interest you and use the stand-by lines for other sessions. You can get into most lectures and some rides and workouts. How many rides or workouts should I do a day? I recommend you pace yourself. I did two or three rides a day and that was enough for me. However, I also sat in on some rides and hugged the wall. Sitting in on a ride allowed me to take notes during the ride as I could focus on what the instructor was saying instead of just getting lost in the ride. You?ll walk away with a notebook full of cues and ideas from each ride. I also sat in on many lectures to improve my coaching and knowledge of exercise physiology. What should I pack? For the conference, pack enough workout and cycling clothes so you are comfortable in all of your sessions. I am a sweater so I change between sessions if I have back-to-back rides. I also bring at least one extra set of cycling clothes just in case I pick up another ride. Pack comfortable clothes for lectures. I dress in layers as some of the rooms can get quite cool. For me, I wear a set of track pants and a cycling jacket. Pack a swimsuit for the pool. The Intercontinental has a nice pool deck and you may just want to enjoy the sun during your day. Miami is an awesome place to enjoy the nightlife. Depending on your plans, you can dress anywhere from casual to semi-formal. You?ll have to determine the style of dining and evening entertainment you want to partake. I?m a short and polo type of guy because I?m usually going to the casual restaurants. PACE YOURSELF!!! Please remember to pace yourself. If you ride every session, you?ll be physically spent. Take some time to relax and recover between sessions. Remember, you?re also there to have some fun. If you?re too tired to socialize with other participants and share the excitement that is WSSC you will not have a great experience. Most imoportantly, have fun, relax and meet people that will truly inspire you. You'll walk away energized and refreshed!!! blog by Ralph Mlady for 3/17/201



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