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It?s terrific in Spinning class when the riders are in sync, legs are moving together and the rhythm of the cadence becomes felt throughout the room. It?s energizing and can fire you up. The other great thing about Spinning class is that each individual can customize their ride whenever/however they need to. I can turn up or turn down the cadence, I can sit while you stand if I?m not quite ready to stand. Sometimes I find that inexperienced riders will get too caught up in ?keeping up? with the group in an artificial way. They worry about matching an exact cadence, or getting into that standing climb, and sacrifice being in a certain heart rate zone in order to APPEAR as though they are with the group. One way to cure this is to ask them to follow their heart rate without ANY consideration to cadence, position, or resistance. I?ll ask the class to hold a certain heart rate, for a certain amount of time ? but get there anyway they?d like. Some load on the resistance, others pick up cadence, others get out of the saddle. This can help the individual work outside of their comfort zone, while staying in their comfort zone in a different way. Eventually, the individual will gain more confidence in heart rate training, and lose the need to be a visual match with the group. It brings the focus towards what counts: an individual?s effort level and heart rate. Visit us at



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