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Coach v. Teacher

Which are you? If you are a Teacher, then you should be doing choreography and belting out cues. Kind of like Simon Says. There is a HUGE difference between being a Teacher versus being a Coach. Pay attention here...take notes. Teachers in our business are everywhere. Coaches are not. Its harder to be a Coach. Why? Teachers (Step, Aerobic style, etc) "teach" with one way communication (predominantly). Teachers teach by cueing and mainly by commanding. Coaches have to do this too but a key difference is that Coaches have to listen, observe and often tweak on the fly. Coaches have to be more individual and talk less to achieve more. Being a coach challenges you to have depth of the dynamic - this means you have be aware of what is happening as a result of your plan. SPINNING Coaching is a constantly evolving process. The more you coach, the less you have to talk. Allow your students to practice. Encourage through evolution. Get it? Coaches have an ongoing plan that is part of a sustainable (fitness) progression. Teachers often are there (in fitness classes) for a one-shot. Thats cool too but may not make the impact that we can make as SPINNING Coaches. Sacrifice as a Coach and watch your group grow. You can be a good teacher while you are a powerful Coach. Its harder to Coach but its also more rewarding!



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