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Evolving With Technology

Get a new smartphone this holiday season? Or perhaps it's the latest laptop with the best operating system. I scour sites like Engadget or CNET to read the most up to date reviews on must have apps or new technology. We're keeping up in our work life, but how about your Spinning life?

With MDAs launch of Spinpower, your training, coaching and educational worlds are about to get a turnaround. Remember learning how to text for the first time, or enter contacts in those old, first generation cell phones? There was a learning curve, but you kept at it, things became more intuitive. Navigating that phone became second nature. The same will hold true for the new technology you're about to experience with the Spinner Blade ION, along with it's new computer and associated apps.

If you've been teaching Spinning a while, think back through the years. After attending Spinning Instructor Training, how did you go about categorizing, selecting and recording music for class? I began with cassette tapes, then to cd burning, morphed into the land of mini disc players, then the 1st generation CHUNKY Ipod, 4 other generations of Ipod, the Ipod Touch, and now the Ipad. Each had a different physical way of inputting, a new learning curve. That's 18 years of evolution in ways to select, categorize and create playlists. You got on board the new bus every time it took off.

What did your first heart rate monitor look like? Mine was the size of a toaster oven, and it didn't have many functions. I've had at least 8 different models since, and had to re-learn inputting on each one. Polar invented the technology, now names like Suunto, Garmin, and Timex are common. Bluetooth and ANT+ are words that roll off the tongues of athletes just like compression socks and Kinesio Tape. Technology is part of the training game, and it's just getting better.

Remember these words, Digifit and Performance IQ (PIQ). They're the new black. They will rock your Spinning world and future blogs will discuss these tools that will take you to the next level as you transition from heart rate training to power. The bus is leaving for the year 2014, are you on it?




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