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IDEA 2012

Having the opportunity to present at IDEA this year has been amazing! It is my first time at this conference and I am in love with San Diego (do I have to go home?)! The sessions are going well and IDEA does a fun little thing where the presenters can hand our an award to an attendee who has inspired you during the session in some way - how cool! The inspiration we get from our students everywhere is why we do what we do - so how awesome to give an award because of that!

Having a great time in the trade show booth with the ROCKIN MDA team! There are some great show specials on equipment that are fabulous and selling fast! This morning was a Bodyblade workout so hopefully all the attendees are going to stop by the booth to buy their own Bodyblade to take home. Come on, you know you want one!

Yesterday at the booth, Cross Core had this incredible team of athletes doing a demo, Barholics, You have to check them out: www.barholics.com - let their athleticism inspire you!


If you live in the area, it's not too late to come play!

The photos are of my medal winners so far - congrats and keep on being amazing!






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