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It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to?

Well, here it is...the eve of my birthday...and I broke my ankle. Okay, it's not broken, but it is the size of a small ham, and now that all the hoopla has died down, the reality is sinking in. I am doing my first triathlon in 5 weeks and my training is so intense right now that I have this literally nauseating feeling when I think about the fact that I may have scrapped it. And what about my classes? Too early to think about, I guess....I am certainly able to teach off the bike - I have no subs available and a pretty addicted crowd. At the hardest of times, I am the sort who takes a moment for gratitude. I get this from sprints and climbs in Spinning. Grateful that the xray shows no break, despite the crazy swelling that I can't really wrap my head around. Wish I could get that snap sound out of my head...but the drugs are nice. The xray guy said "nice bone density!" - so while I don't think he was trying to come on to me, I do think that is something to be grateful for. I also know that facing an accident and the weeks that follow, fit people recover better and faster than unfit while it sucks, it doesn't really suck that oculd be worse. And how lucky am I that I can be crouched on one leg and press all the way from sitting on my good foot to standing? That takes some strength, no? I promise to continue with my Endurance thread - on to music - as soon as I am up to it. Gah! I feel like crying. All that training...I can FINALLY run 10 k. Granted you may be able to walk faster than I run, but what ever. the 40k bike ride is nothing and I'm making huge improvements in my swimming technique and stamina....and now? bed ridden. Why do I feel like crying? Tomorrow I turn 46. whoopee....



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