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Le Tour de France

Bring the Tour to your class!

It’s my favorite time of year! The Tour de France is on and we, as Spin Instructors, are blessed with 21 awesome profiles to bring pro cycling to our classes! I hope you are tuning in to catch the action, not to mention the form and technique these guys bring to the game!

I have a basic formula I use every year to simulate the tour stages in my class.  Go to  Click on "routes" and pick one.  I like to teach an upcoming stage as its gets people interested in watching the tour.  (Encourage riders to "ride it today, watch it tonight!)   The website has some great descriptions of the stages and the challenges the riders will face.....great insight into the Energy zones you will be teaching! Click on "Stage Profile" and print it out!  I always post this page on the front door to the studio!

You now have your profile.  Add music.  Easy Breezy (Bob Roll speak!)  I search “French and Italian” on I tunes.  Some of my favorites are Gilbert Montagne, In-Grid, Kate Ryan and Café Del Mar. 

Make it big!  Announce the stage ride the week before.  Post the profile everwhere!  I hang my Tour flag on the door; you can cover the door or entryway in yellow! Wear the yellow jersey!  Have fun! 

Next week I will talk about different techniques to replicate the starts, pace lines, and final sprints.  The TT is also a blast to teach! Stay tuned!




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