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Let 'er rip

Freedom. Respond to how you feel. These are two cool facets of finding that SPINNING high. As the Instructor, you set the table to make this happen. Don't force it though! I've heard solid instructors from all over the planet. Good cueing. Inspiring music. Energy is on target. They have good vibe. Yet sometimes I want to see some of these instructors let go a bit. Enjoy the party. You can tee up a very powerful tool - allowing your riders to explore a bit. It's a cool thing to just let it rip for some time. I often will play a 14-16 minute song or section that causes a reaction to action! I will tell the riders to interpret the music for themselves and listen to their energies. If riders sense or hear music that says flat road at 80%, then let them go there. Another person may feel running...or jumping...or maybe a combination of several hand positions and movements. This is golden. Intensity? Same gig. If they want to do a burner section, let them smoke themselves. Its okay. No, really, its okay. Allow some room to roam. Its healthy. Same goes on the road. There are rides that I do intentionally by myself to find rhythm. These sessions are often better, more efficient and actually give me energy versus making me feel drained. This is what I am talking about. You can carve your own path here and feel good about working hard if you have the chance to listen to your feeling. You can always say a word or two during these sections to help your riders along. But let them guide themselves. Its also a great vantage point as an instructor - you can observe and learn a lot from your riders this way. Watch how they move. Watch how they show their personality. Good stuff.



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