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Love at MDA

Love is in the air! In honor of Valentine's Day, we wanted to give you a peek at some of the amazing couples here at Mad Dogg Athletics! We have some couples who met here, one that works here together and one that married into a family that works here!


Let's start with Jennie and Dan. This is from Jennie:


Jennie and Dan met in October 2009 at Mad Dogg Athletics. Jen had just started working in the marketing department and Dan worked in the web department. Jennie noticed Dan right away and thought he was soooo cute (and tall)!  It was love at first sight! Since they didn't get a chance to talk much at work, Jennie knew she had to devise a plan so they could hang out, so she proposed a night out in Hollywood with a group of co-workers.



From that night on, Jennie and Dan were inseparable. Two and a half years later on July 7, 2012, Jennie and Dan were married. They both still work at Mad Dogg Athletics, only five feet away from each other.


How gorgeous is this wedding photo?! They are so cute together and Jennie sits right in front of Dan here at MDA!


Now onto Luvia and Fernando! This is from Luvia:



Fernando and I met over 12 years ago in High School and have been dating for over 6 years now.  When we first started working at Mad Dogg Athletics we kept our relationship to ourselves, which as you can image was pretty difficult to do. Now, we will be celebrating our one year engagement anniversary tomorrow and are anxiously waiting for our wedding this coming September.


Luvia forgot to mention that Valentine's day is also her birthday! What a happy birthday it was and will continue to be!


Now onto Jackie, she has an interesting story. You'll see why.



I met Tony at his work's holiday party. The entire night he tried to get my attention. Almost 9 years later we are married and have two beautiful kids. It has been a pleasure working for Mad Dogg Athletics for close to 7 years. I view Mad Dogg as a big family, literally we are since I am one of the 5 Villasenor's that is employed here.


That's right there are 5 Villasenor's that work here!


We know that you all have amazing love stories, so please feel free to share them with us in the comment section!




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