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my hat in the ring!

not really sure where to post this, but I'm so excited to publicly announce that, finances willing, I am going to go do the Olympic Distance Tri in Bintan - www.bintantriathlon.com 1.5km swim 40km ride 10km run The reason I decided to put it here, 8-WWL program, is because this is one place where we set goals. I'm not really working on weight loss goals, though I am entertained by the much needed weightloss that I'm experiencing (about 3 to 4 pounds per month) as a result of fueling my training needs. Anyone else out there training for something with some resulting body shifting going on? want to share your story with me? I pounded out an 80K flat road ride with a brickwall headwind in the second half today....Then met with my pal, the recent IronMan New Zealand finisher to work out my training schedule for the next 8 weeks. weeee....I'm so excited! I teach 7 spinning classes per week which for me as the instructor are always in the endurance zone because I stay checked in with the class and am able to talk the whole time. In my next post, I'll declare my training schedule and you can follow me through this midlife crisis of mine ... I'm just kidding...no crisis...I'm having fun! anyone want to join me in this training quest?



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