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Please-Stop List #2

I have received several e-mails about the Please-Stop list I posted a few days ago. Since they are supportive of my efforts, I decided to create another Please-Stop list. I have tried to include the comments/thoughts of the instructors that have written to me along with my own observations. Once again, please keep in mind that most of these statements are aimed at instructors who (most likely) do not participate on this site. Please stop instructing Jumps on a Flat with two-count, four-count, and eight-count prompts. I understand that numerical goals are good for structure, but specific time (thirty seconds) and number (five jumps) goals are much more inclusive of each participant?s skill and fitness level. Please stop encouraging students to push their hips toward the wide part of the saddle while they are standing. It does not create more intense leg work; it places students in an unsupported position that is potentially harmful to their lower back.



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