For Facility Managers Spinning

Road Map

Do you know where your program is going? Got an identity? If people describe your SPINNING program, what would they say? Every successful SPINNING program has a unique fingerprint. If you don't know the key drivers of your program, then you may be another "me-too." I am kind of a rebel. I challenge the norm and like to extend market reach by creating identity that allows for a wide range of folks to take SPINNING. Our program here is kind of know as a very pure, road cycling type feel with athletic instructors. We are also known for our special events that are 100 Minutes every quarter. Our room has cool sconces with lighting that is chilled. We have a tiered "theatre-style" set-up. Carpet in the room too! You'll often see road bikes in our SPINNING room because the cycling community hangs out and I welcome all of them to put their bikes in the room even when a class is going on - it sends a message that we really do what we teach. We also do bike fits and teach people how to transition outdoors. Its a vibe. You can create your own natural feel of your program by listening to your riders and interviewing them. Why do they come? What do they want to accomplish? What do they dig about the program? What would they like to see more/less of? Find out from the instructors what makes them excited. Allow some creative flow to happen in the SPINNING room. Paint, accessorize and allow freedom. Then market it! This is super duper important. Once you get the identity established, drive it home! Setting your program apart is dynamic. It may change so be open to it. But have a road map and at least get on a path. You'll find out real quick. Guess what will happen? Instead of work, it becomes fun!



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