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The Sizzler

This year at WSSC I will be presenting a ride entitled ?The Sizzler?. This will be a Race Day Energy Zone ® ride based upon a mass start road ride I ride every year. The course is fast and challenging. You?ll start out quick, pick up the pace, drop your competitors in the hills, and further splinter the lead group before you sprint to the finish. This is a true road race and you?ll have to push yourself to keep up with the leaders. Imagine the thrill of countering an attack. Feel the rush of pulling ahead of the group. Watch as other riders hang their heads in defeat as they look down at their bike wondering what is wrong with the bike instead of realizing that they have not trained properly. Witness legs turning o jelly in the hills while every breath of air feels like your lungs are going to explode. Come experience this race and finish like a champion!!! blog by Ralph Mlady for 3/16/2011



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