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Transform lives! Spinning® Instructor Certification is the most widely recognized indoor cycling training program on the planet. For more than two decades, we've passionately trained Spinning Instructors all around the world through Spinning Instructor Certification and continuing education workshops. We provide all the tools and support you need to become an in-demand, Certified Spinning Instructor.

Steps to Become a Certified Spinning® Instructor

1. Register for Spinning Instructor Certification
2. Review Instructor Manual and Study Guide
3. Take and pass the online assessment (prior to live training day or within 30 days after).
4. Attend the live, one-day, 9-hour training day.

About Spinning® Instructor Certification

Our comprehensive, live, one-day training, led by a Spinning Master Instructor, provides you with the practical knowledge and skills to become a dynamic indoor cycling leader. Lessons include:

  • Spinner® bike setup and safety

  • Cycling biomechanics

  • Creating motivating class ride profiles

  • Coaching and teaching skills

  • Spinning Energy Zones™ and heart rate training

  • Visualization techniques to enhance the mind/body connection

During the training, we will also discuss the Spinning Instructor Certification pathway, including continuing education opportunities, and what it takes to become a Spinning Master Instructor.

Continuing education credits (CECs) for Spinning Instructor Training:
8.0 AFAA | .8 ACE | .8 NASM


Visit the Get Certified FAQ page, e-mail as at or call 1.800.847.SPIN(7746)

The Spinning® Instructor Certification Program

The Spinning® Instructor Certification Program

More than 20 years ago, the Spinner® bike was nothing more than a garage-made exercise machine prototype. We continued to improve our Spinner bikes to eventually become the world’s best indoor cycling equipment company today. We attained that honor by working continuously on our bike designs and making sure that our exercise machines were constructed with only the finest materials and performance details. However, we soon realized that to give Spinning customers the best workout experience possible, we needed to have knowledgeable and enthusiastic Spinning instructors to teach them. We began our Spinning Instructor Certification Program to do just that. Our indoor cycling certification gives passionate fitness professionals all the resources they need to ably instruct the millions of Spinning students who use our Spinner bikes across the world.

Because our Spinning customers come from varied backgrounds and fitness levels, we provide our Spinning instructors with comprehensive teaching methods to ensure that they can work with students of all ages and capabilities. When you complete the Spinning Instructor Certification, you will have access to multiple resources, including Spinning workshops, tradeshows, home study courses, online courses, and our yearly World Spinning and Sports Conditioning (WSSC) Conference. Moreover, you will receive the SPIN® membership program free for 30 days, Spinning Ridebooks, instructor DVDs, music, newsletters, online help, and essential training tips so that you can design and teach the safest and most effective Spinning classes while having the most fun, too!

The Spinning Instructor Certification Program allows Spinning instructors to earn SPIN® CECs and ACE, NASM, and AFAA continuing education credits (CECs). Contact one of our indoor cycling certification specialists today to learn more about the Spinning Instructor Training Program and how you can begin teaching the world’s #1 indoor cycling program at a fitness facility near you.

Become an Instructor
More than 20 years ago, the Spinning® program started in a garage with one stationary bike prototype. Over the years, we continued to improve on that single prototype to become the best indoor cycling company today. We realized that our indoor cycling program would be much more effective with properly trained instructors to help people on their fitness journeys, which is why we created the Spinning Instructor Certification Program.

Why Become an Instructor?
As an instructor, you improve the lives of others and enable them to grow in their health and fitness. You can also maintain a lifestyle that will improve your own health as well. The Spinning Instructor Certification Program is a huge step in helping your students and developing your career as a fitness professional. Our indoor cycling certification gives passionate professionals all the resources they need to ably instruct the millions of Spinning students who use our Spinner bikes across the world.

What You Get as an Instructor
Riders in the Spinning program come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We have millions of community members of various ages and skill levels all over the world. It is essential that you’re able to coach riders from all levels of experience. Our Spinning Instructor Certification Program gives you access to many important resources to continue your education, including live workshops, online courses and our annual World Spinning and Sports Conditioning (WSSC) Conference. Additionally, you receive 30 days complementary membership to the SPIN® Membership, with access to profiles, newsletters articles and many other resources.

Enjoy a Career in Fitness
With so many professionals in the fitness industry, it can be difficult to stand out. Teaching a Spinning class provides an outstanding workout for students. But by continuing your education in the Spinning program, you can become the most sought-after instructor in your area. By entering the Spinning Instructor Certification Program, you give yourself an advantage over other applicants. Bringing your active instructor status and expertise to your local fitness center is a gift to your community and a excellent way to develop your career.

Become Part of a Winning Team
Spinning is so much more than indoor cycling; it embodies the passion for a lifetime of health and learning. As a Certified Spinning Instructor, you get to enjoy the benefits of a global community and a commitment to health and improvement. The Spinning Instructor Certification Program enables you to grow and develop as a fitness professional. Get in touch with one of our indoor cycling certification specialists to learn more about this exciting opportunity today.

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