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10 Reasons to go to WSSC

WSSC is just around the corner. I often talk with other instructors at the clubs I teach at to attend this amazing event. If you are not sure if you?ll get your money?s worth, let me assure you that you?ll walk away from that conference with a newfound energy and so many ideas to improve your teaching, profile designs and your own riding. I can still remember my first conference. I was a new instructor going to get my STAR points for my recertification. I attended the last WSSC in Chicago and vowed to go every year that I could. Since then I?ve been to Miami six times to attend WSSC. Why should you go? Let me give you my top 10 list (no particular order). You will be among peers from all over the world. You can share your experiences with other instructors and find that you share a common bond. You will be among experts. The Master Instructors for Spinning ®, Bodyblade®, Peak Pilates®, Resist-a-ball® and freeform® conduct over 300 sessions. You can ask those pesky questions and get expert advice from any of them either in a session of if you happen to see them in the lobby of the hotel. You will walk away with new ideas for your profiles. There are many special rides at WSSC. Some will make you cry others will leave you laughing. All will inspire you in ways you never thought possible. You will leave with new ideas for your music. Be prepared to hear music that really moves you. You will realize that you get it. If teach with proper form and avoid contraindications, riding with the Master Instructors is a great way to affirm your coaching styles. Your batteries will be recharged. Sometimes we hit a plateau and need something new to inspire us. I can guarantee that you will be inspired at the conference and find a new source of energy to take back with you. You will make new friends and cherish the time you spend together. WSSC is like a family reunion where everyone gets along. When you leave, you will be sad and will be anxious to reunite with your friends next year. There is always something to do in South Beach. Meet up with friends and take a cab to South Beach and shop, eat or celebrate (not too much if you plan to ride the next day). The boutique offers you the chance to see all of the apparel and accessories in one place. There are some great deals as well. Take a look around and pick up your favorite gear. It is in Miami (enough said). If you are interested in going, check out to register or learn more about WSSC. I hope to see you there!!! blog by Ralph Mlady for 1/20/11



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