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A bit about the music

Creating a ride profile is not an easy task. First you need to be aware who is coming to your classes, what is the level of class participants. What did you do last week with them, do you periodize their work in a year time, and so on. So once you know who will you be riding with you should have a general goal of a class that anyone can adapt to their own possibilities. For example if you prepared very intensive ( in the terms of intensity not work to rest ratio ) intervals, those who need easier training can work aerobically for all that time but also benefit from interval training. They just do it on a lower levels of heart rate percentage or on a lower cadence.

A goal should be clear and achievable. So be careful when you create it as its better to plan in a bigger picture –look ahead in coming weeks and months. Now, once you all have that you will search for particular music that will be like missing puzzles. I very often hear a question  “ok tell me , where do You search for music?”. The answer is : EVERYWHERE.

Of course internet is the biggest source of music, like all the online radios and music shops where you can listen to at least part of a song, you can easily find the title and name of an artist. What I use a lot is a “similar artists’ link. Following that path I have found many of incredible songs and musicians that I would probably never found myself.

One of the most useful apps for my iPhone is “Shazam” and  “SoundHound”, you simply turn the application on and let your device “to listen” to the song you like. As a result you receive the artiste name and the title of a song. I use it very often while driving a car. It is a great tool for searching and getting inspired. Also recently I came back to soundtracks. Every movie that I watch right now, I listen to the soundtrack later to find any ‘pearl’.

What also helps me is organizing my songs into playlists , like certain cadences, or climate, or type of music. Then when I have to search for a song that fits my needs its way quicker and easier.

And in the end, for me the rule is very simple: more time for searching music you spend, more fun your workout will be as you’ll transfer also your personal emotions to every song you like..


Feel free to ask any questions about music!





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