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A date with yourself?

One thing I've noticed in all these years of creating profiles and blending "my new favorite playlist..." is that there are two definite times when I sit down to do it. If I have something else to do that is pressing, but there isn't enough time to sink my teeth into it - like some of my professional writings...or when I can seclude myself from others and just get comfortable. I never create a playlist under pressure for the playlist itself - I have a great library developed through the years so I won't rush a playlist. It will be done right or not at all. I can't sit at a desk and do it. I have to be sitting back with my mac perched on my knees and belly, whether I'm on a moroccan "puff puff" (ottoman - foot rest) leaning up against a wall on my shady balcony, or on my bed in the air conditioning which makes me forget I live in south east asia. I find that it is such a creative outlet for me - I feel the textures and mood, rhythms and color of music in a deep level and if the ending of one song doesn't go nicely either butted up to another song or blended into the start of the next song, I cannot force it..I keep looking. I know it is a totally personal thing, music selection, because I have had people give me their favorite playlists - already blended and burned and I cannot seem to synchronize my self to the music. I wonder how I could use someone else's playlist and put my own profile design to it and I realize , I just don't think I could...unless we think and feel very much similar to eachother. When do you make your playlists? Do you do it because you're sick of your old playlists or because you acquire new music or because you just know it is time? For about a year now, I've been making a new playlist about every 3 weeks or so....



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